Biometrics 2016

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Privacy, anonymity and trust in identification services

15.15 | Wednesday 19 October


An important topic of concern for biometrics – and identification services in general – is privacy. This topic is so important that it warrants a discussion about key concepts that are sometimes misunderstood. These concepts include distinctions between definitions of privacy and the state of anonymity, as well as the trade-off between trustworthiness and knowledge of identity. Often confused, privacy and anonymity are actually distinct concepts with little intersection. In addition, trust of a person is based on knowledge about that person, in opposition to maintaining anonymity certainly, but not necessarily in opposition to privacy. Continued successful deployment of national-scale biometric identification systems requires transparent policies on the part of governments, and a deeper understanding of the principles by the world’s citizens. This Live Seminar Theatre presentation will explore these concepts briefly as a stimulus to continued discussions on related topics throughout the Biometrics 2016 conference.

Presenter: Avtar Virdee, Enterprise Solution Architect, Leidos
He is responsible for strategic technology identification, technology adoption, supporting business development and creation of standards, patterns and practices.

Presenter: John Mears, Senior Fellow, Information Technology and Security Solutions, Leidos

Responsible for technology advocacy, independent research and development, strategy development, operational technology insertion and growth, new business assistance, and STEM/academic relationships. Previously at Lockheed Martin Mr Mears was Director of Biometrics and Identity Management, including the TSA’s Transportation Worker’s Identification Credential (TWIC) program, and the FBI’s Fingerprint Scanning Service. Research initiatives include LM’s rapid DNA identification program, advanced latent print image processing and, most recently, genomic forensics. His current focus is international biometric systems, biometric entry/exit, border security, and immigration reform. Mr Mears holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida. He is an LM Certified Program Manager and Qualified Capture Manager. Mr Mears is an Associate Member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, member of the Biometrics Institute, and a Director of the International Biometrics and Identity Association (IBIA).

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