Biometrics 2016

Free seminars

Face recognition technology for real-time surveillance: How well does it really work?

10.30 | Thursday 20 October


As accuracy, speed and camera capabilities advance, face recognition has proved its effectiveness in surveillance and people analysis scenarios. But increasing use of such powerful technology is generating widespread concern and alarming misinformation. What can face recognition really do right now? What are common challenges that hinder real-world implementations? Where does an application make sense, and what use cases are illusive, or even dangerous?

Presenter: Elke Oberg, Marketing Manager, Cognitec
As marketing manager of a prominent face recognition company, Elke Oberg has gained a deep understanding of biometric technologies, their uses and abuses, and their potential applications in the future. She regularly contributes to the educational outreach of industry associations, conferences and general media outlets to promote the responsible use of face recognition technologies in our society.

The Seminar Programme is free to attend. Space is available on a first-come first-served basis.

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