Biometrics 2016

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Biometrics: Using the device as a service

15.45 | Wednesday 19 October


Many mobile biometric collection systems today approach customers with fully packaged end-to-end systems. The often cited reason is to enable more functionality in less time. Contrarily, many government customers prefer to use their infrastructure to provide much of the functionality needed in a biometric solution. With the new uBix appliance, attendees will be shown that they can incorporate biometric capture into their own apps quickly and easily on any platform they wish while being able to use their infrastructure to deliver results.

Richard K. Fenrich, CEO, i3

In 2004, Mr. Fenrich founded and successfully funded i3 on the strength of strategic biometric technology transferred from Exegetics, Incorporated. Through his efforts, i3 has continuously built upon its technology foundation to become a turn-key biometric solution provider with the ability to conceptualize, design, build, sell and support key biometric solutions. Exegetics, a company that he also founded as President and CEO in 1993, builds and delivers leading edge document management systems one of which became a leading industry solution for law enforcement applications. Prior to his work at Exegetics, Mr. Fenrich earned two technical Master's degrees and enjoyed a position as a Senior Research Scientist at the Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition.

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