Biometrics 2016

Why attend conference?

Get up to speed with biometric technologies, applications and issues
Whether you are looking to use biometrics to identify citizens or to perform a transaction, to access your computer or even your place of work, Biometrics 2016 will pinpoint all the key issues to consider.

Find out which biometrics work best for your application
With many biometrics to choose from, Biometrics 2016 will provide a complete insight into how to choose the right biometric technology for secure, reliable and convenient solutions for your organization.

Understand what installing a biometric system really means
Numerous factors need to be considered when rolling out a biometric solution. Biometrics 2016 will offer practical advice and results from new trials and case studies and take a look at issues such as security concerns, technology interoperability and ethics.

Learn what future technologies have in store
Many lessons are being learnt through a multitude of pilot projects using biometrics, both in the commercial and governmental sectors. Biometrics 2016 will review the latest standards, testing and government policy and outline what needs to be done to ensure broader practical implementation of the technology.

Network with a wide variety of delegates, speakers, exhibition visitors, systems integrators and manufacturers from around the world
No other forum offers the opportunity to meet with so many people interested in the opportunities biometric technology can provide for your organization.