Keynote Speakers

Kwang-Sik Choi

Jeju National University, South Korea

Albert Kwang-Sik Choi is professor of the School of Marine Biomedical Science, Jeju National University (JNU) in South Korea.

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Barry Costa-Pierce

University of New England, USA

Barry A. Costa-Pierce is the Henry L. & Grace Doherty Professor of Marine Sciences at the University of New England in Maine, USA. He has a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Hawai’i and an MSc in Zoology from the University of Vermont.

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Thierry Chopin, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Lars Ebbesson

University of Bergen, Norway

Prof. Lars O.E. Ebbesson is the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations (CSAI), leads the Integrative Fish Biology group at Uni Research, is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Bergen.

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Shunsuke Koshio, Faculty of Fisheries, Kagoshima University  Japan

Kangsen Mai, Ocean University of China, China

Turid Mørkøre

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Presentation Title: Effects of nutrition on flesh quality of farmed fish

Turid Mørkøre holds a MSc in aquaculture and a dr.scient. in production biology and flesh quality of farmed salmonids.

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I.S Bright Singh

Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

Presentation Title: High Density GIFT Culture Under RAS Mode Integrated with Vegetable Cultivation

Prof. I.S.Bright Singh, Founder, National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health, Cochin University of Science Technology specializes in Preventive Health Care in Aquaculture.

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Kristina Sundell, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Helgi Thorarensen, Holar University College, Iceland

Deshou Wang

Southwest University, China

Presentation Title: Sexual Plasticity and sex control in fish

De-Shou Wang received his B. Sci. in 1985 and M. Sci. in 1988 fromSouthwest University, received his Ph.D in 1996 from Zhongshan University. He isnow a full professor and Dean of School of Life Sciences, Southwest University(SWU), Director of the Key Laboratory of Freshwater Fish Reproduction andDevelopment (Ministry of education, P. R. of China).

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