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Advances in Surfaces, Interfaces and Interphases

15-18 May 2022 | Online


This conference is organised by Elsevier.

SURF 1044x1044

Join us for the Advances in Surfaces, Interfaces and Interphases

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Topics include:

  • Recent advances in the science of surfaces and interfaces

  • Synthesis, characterisation, modifications, and aging of surfaces and interfaces

  • Beyond standard surfaces and interfaces: biological applications, medical applications, novel technologies and applications

  • New sensing surfaces (transducers/devices: thermal, chemical, biochemical, optical, acoustic or force sensors)

  • New coatings for engineering/technological challenges (state-of-the art accelerators pipe systems, vacuum chambers, space industry, automotive industry, offshore platforms, maritime industry…)

  • Energy storage

  • Long lasting and stable surfaces

  • “Green” surfaces for healthy environments (catalytic surfaces, membranes, biodegradable and/or recyclable surfaces)

  • Data science-driven research on surfaces and interfaces

  • Advanced modelling of surfaces and interfaces under operating condition

Keynote and plenary talks from renowned speakers

Meet the esteemed committee members and speakers participating in the conference.

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