AI and Big Data in Cancer: From Innovation to Impact

Join 40 exceptional speakers in Boston on March 29-31, 2020, for ‘AI and Big Data in Cancer: From Innovation to Impact’. 

  • Help us advance the use of responsible AI in cancer care.
  • Be a part of this groundbreaking Elsevier symposium bridging technological innovation and clinical application.

How do we transform cancer care with AI and Big Data? 

  • LEARN from the insights of leading researchers, clinicians, technologists, entrepreneurs, regulators, and payers on how to implement AI technology into viable products and clinical solutions.
  • PRESENT work and share ideas of how to collect and govern big data, develop and deploy technology, build trust and policy frameworks, and other challenges that face the adoption of AI in cancer care.
  • JOIN THE CONVERSATION and network with leaders and innovators across Industry, Academia and the Government. Participate in important discussions on how to bridge the barriers to AI in medicine in a series of invited talks, panels and fireside chats.

Abstracts are invited by November 29, 2019 for selected talks and posters on the following session topics to supplement the invited lectures.

  1. Technology applications in healthcare (cloud, voice, smart IoT, platform)
  2. AI / ML algorithm development (NL analytics; pattern recognition; decision support etc)
  3. Big data in oncology (clinical, research, real-world data)
  4. AI applications in cancer research (drug and target discovery; genomics, phenomics)
  5. AI applications in oncology care (diagnoses, clinical decisions support systems)
  6. Policy, technology and operating model to enable and facilitate data sharing, data governance and cross-enterprise collaboration
  7. Health economics, investment

Authors should align their abstracts with at least one of the conference cross-cutting themes.

Submit abstracts here by November 29, 2019

Supporting publications

Trends in Cancer

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Speakers include