2nd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference


Keynote Speakers

Jessica FanzoJohns Hopkins University, USA
Presentation title: Sustainable Diets: Can we feed the world well and protect the planet?

Benjamin Kilian, Global Crop Diversity Trust, Germany
Presentation title: Reaching back through the domestication bottleneck to feed a hot and crowded planet

George A. KowalchukUtrecht University, The Netherlands
Presentation title: Ecological principles to overcoming lazy crops and soils

José Luis Araus Ortega, University of Barcelona, Spain
Presentation title: Harmonizing efforts among phenotyping initiatives: Bottlenecks and opportunities

Martin A.J. ParryLancaster University, UK
Presentation title: Improving wheat yields under abiotic stress

Ana María Loboguerrero Rodríguez, CGIAR (CIAT-CCAFS), Denmark
Presentation title: Agriculture and food system adaptation and mitigation actions to respond to climate change

Reimund Paul Rötter, Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany
Presentation title: Progress in modelling agricultural impacts of and adaptations to climate change

Johan UddlingUniversity of Gothenburg, Sweden
Presentation title: Crop yield and quality under rising atmospheric CO2

Paul C. WestUniversity of Minnesota, USA
Presentation title: Sustainable food production in a changing climate