2nd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference

Scientific advisory committee

Liming Ye, Joint Laboratory of Global Change and Food Security, CAAS, China

Liming Ye

Liming Ye is a senior research scientist at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning. He obtained his MSc in agriculture from China Agricultural University and PhD from Ghent University. He is the founding academic secretary of the Joint Laboratory of Global Change and Food Security. As the developer and copyright holder of the WLES model (http://weble.ugent.be), his research activities involve crop yield, soil productive capacity, food security, global environmental change, agricultural adaptation policy, and sustainable development. He is corresponding member of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences of Belgium, board member of the NPG Frontiers in Environmental Science and Frontiers in Plant Science journals, and an associate editor of the Open Geosciences journal.