5th RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease Conference


After every conference, Elsevier sends a survey to the attendees. Below are some comments made by previous attendees of the Brain Research conference series. The comments are displayed as they were submitted.

8th Brain Research Meeting: RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease

“Hot field, top notch speakers, essential meeting...”

“Brings together researchers working on different diseases but facing similar challenges.”

“Cutting edge research of high quality...”

“Excellent quality speakers, lots of unpublished work presented. Ideal opportunity to network with colleagues in the field.”

7th Brain Research Conference: Optogenetics and Pharmacogenetics in Neuronal Function and Dysfunction

“Excellent talks that presented a lot of new research.”

“Newly developing and promising research method.”

“novelty and quality of presentations”

“Great talks, presenters”

6th Brain Research Meeting: RNA-binding Proteins in Neurological disease

“Excellent participation of the main groups involved in this particular field of RNA binding proteins and neurodegeneration.”

“Because (for me) the meeting this year was very interesting, and if the meetings next year and the years after are of the same quality then I would recommend this meeting to my colleagues immediately.”

“Good balance of fundamental science/clinically relevant presentations.”

“Very inspiring meeting which was very focus on my own research focus.”

“Nicely situated before SFN.”

“This meeting was focused on one question, but from many technical approaches. That is of great use.”

“It was highly informative for people working on the role of RNA binding proteins in neurodegenerative disease.”