5th RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease Conference

Official Publication

Brain Research

An international multidisciplinary journal devoted to fundamental research in the brain sciences.

Brain Research publishes papers reporting interdisciplinary investigations of nervous system structure and function that are of general interest to the international community of neuroscientists. As is evident from the journals name, its scope is broad, ranging from cellular and molecular studies through systems neuroscience, cognition and disease. Invited reviews are also published; suggestions for and inquiries about potential reviews are welcomed.

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Supporting Publications

Experimental Cell Research promotes the understanding of cell biology by circulating novel and significant insights on experimental studies on the general organization and activity of cells. The scope ranges from the molecular level to cell-cell interactions and differentiation. This includes areas such as cellular events like apoptosis, programmed cell death, cell proliferation and differentiation, the cell cycle and cancer and cellular phenomena such as cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, subcellular organization and cell motility and migration to stem cell research, developmental biology and mammalian genetic models.

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BBA Molecular Basis of Disease addresses the biochemistry and molecular genetics of disease processes and models of human disease. This journal covers aspects of aging, cancer, metabolic-, neurological-, and immunological-based disease. Manuscripts focused on using animal models to elucidate biochemical and mechanistic insight in each of these conditions, are particularly encouraged. Manuscripts should emphasize the underlying mechanisms of disease pathways and provide novel contributions to the understanding and/or treatment of these disorders.

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