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Analytical Services

In order to provide the best solution, Analytical Services takes a consultative approach to understand your information needs. Analytical Services takes the time to understand your goals and interests in order to provide the most appropriate analysis.

Please consult your local Elsevier sales team to discuss how Analytical Services can meet your specific needs.

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Discover what Analytical Services can do for you.

SciVal Metrics guidebook (in English)

A comprehensive guidebook to help you to understand the practical use of metrics.


Fact sheet

Expert Lookup

Need a scientific expert? Worried about conflict of interest in your reviewers?

Find a list of leading experts in minutes with Expert Lookup.

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Factsheet (in English)


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The Pure Helpdesk is available during European working hours on +45 96 35 61 00

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Discover more about our support for the research community.

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More information about functionality, architecture, implementation process + more

Resources to help you to promote Pure in your institution

Spread the word about Pure on campus and ensure that you and your users get the most from your investment.  We are excited to offer templates for flyers and posters, sample wording for web pages, newsletters, emails and print-and-go flyers to share with colleagues.

*Please note: the following information may contain references to features and functionality not available as part of your Pure installation. We encourage you to customise these materials to fit the needs of your institution.

Do not hesitate to contact the Pure help desk if any assistance is required. The Help Desk can be reached between 09.00 am - 03.00 pm CET

Email: pure-support@atira.dk

Tel: +45 72146782

Elsevier Customer Service telephone numbers according to region:

North or Central America:
Tel: +1 888 615 4500
Tel: +1 888 437 4636
Tel: +1 314 447 8068 (if calling from outside the USA and Canada)

South America:
Tel: +55 21 3970 9300

Middle East or Africa:
Tel: +31 20 485 3767

Tel: +81 3 5561 5035

Asia and the Pacific:
Tel: +65 6 349 0222

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Download specific resources:

7 things you can do in Pure (in English)


Introduction to Pure (in English)


Profile Refinement Service - Scopus Data and Pure (in English)


Pure - On-Campus Poster Template Administrators (in English)


Pure - On-Campus Poster Template Researchers (in English)


Pure - Sample Messaging for On-Campus Promotion


Pure Features and Benefits (in English)



Introduction to SciVal video

Watch this 5-minute quick-start video to learn how SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 8,500 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide. SciVal enables you to visualise research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyse research trends.

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Usage guidebook

A practical guidebook to help you to understand usage data and metrics.

SciVal metrics guidebook

A comprehensive guidebook to help you to understand the practical use of metrics.

SciVal patent metrics

A guidebook to explain SciVal's coverage of patents and patent-related metrics.

Snowball metrics

SciVal offers a broad spectrum of industry-accepted and easy-to-interpret metrics.

Download the SciVal factsheet

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Connect with research intelligence experts through our webinar series. Our webcasts show you how to benefit from Elsevier's research intelligence tools, answering the most pressing challenges researchers and research managers face. Our innovative solutions improve an institution's and individual's ability to establish, execute and evaluate research strategy and performance.

Engage with the webinars below or on our BrightTalk channel (in English).