Gender & Diversity

We are working alongside the research community to improve diversity in science

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How nurses can act as a touchpoint in underrepresented communities
In nursing, self-assessment is key to ensuring inclusive healthcare
Time for art – at work and beyond
The transforming power of I&D: how Elsevier is taking up the challenge
5 things that energize me as an employee at Elsevier
Elsevier named a top 10 company for global culture
Open access: creating a level playing field for the Global South
Ghanaian chemist is finding toxic substances in unusual places
Using mathematics to solve practical problems? It’s elementary.
Seeking the secrets of the universe in the particle
Harnessing nanotechnology for cancer drug delivery and ecofriendly fertilizers
“My teacher said I asked too many questions”: from curious to award-winning researcher
Meet the winners of the 2021 OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award
Elsevier named a Best Company for Women and Diversity
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