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Reports and data driven insights onto the research landscape and new developments in tracking and evaluating the impact of your research

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How can we place science & innovation at the heart of our future?
Why we need to rethink risk in digital data preservation
How Science Foundation Ireland is maximizing its performance through analytics
He was an intellectual giant in scientometrics; how can we build on his legacy?
Grad school bootcamp for engineers
Is that Twitter storm about your paper real engagement or just noise?
The quest to solve the 200-year-old mystery of the sweet potato
Report: How can research help the world hit net zero by 2050?
The engineering jobs are greener on the other side
Holistic approaches to shark conservation
A new approach to making wildlife markets more sustainable
Engineers can help realize SDG7 by transitioning to wind sector
Mobile AI helps health workers deliver prenatal care in rural India
Engineering transit solutions to advance climate action goals
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