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Reports and data driven insights onto the research landscape and new developments in tracking and evaluating the impact of your research

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Why data sharing is vital for collaboration and accountability
Highlights from EU Gender in Science Symposium 2020
3 factors for a successful university-business collaboration
Hackathon: Help provide insights for BCG–COVID-19 clinical trials
AI, big data, cybersecurity and IoT in the era of coronavirus
5 ways clinical pathways can improve oncology care
Using machine learning to accelerate materials science
Elsevier scientist builds model to predict COVID-19 severity in veterans
The power and weakness of data and modeling in COVID-19
Mental health researcher uses AI to achieve what’s important to patients
Report: Mapping research to advance the SDGs
What do Chinese researchers think about the peer review process?
Delighted customers, flexible hours – why working for Elsevier works for me
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