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Empowering your nurses with confidence and competence demands a strong orientation program, one that delivers trusted and consistent education to give nurses the skills and self-assurance they will need at every stage of their journey. With shrinking budgets, comes the pressure to reduce your orientation and continuing education costs within hospital and health systems. However, your nurses need personal and professional support to succeed on their mission to care.

Average nurse turnover rate1

Cost to replace a nurse1

Turnover for new nurses2

Cost to replace a newly licensed nurse3

Elsevier Clinical Nursing strives to help organizations support all stages of their nurse’s journey with immersive, personalized education that empowers nurses to deliver the highest level of care. As a result, your organization can improve onboarding satisfaction and nurse retention rates, while also reducing the financial and patient care impact of turnover.


Consistent education

Standardized orientation and onboarding programs help your nurses feel supported while saving valuable time for your nurse educators, easing the burden of developing their own educational materials to focus more time on personalized support. This consistent education helps drive engagement, confidence and satisfaction.

A better experience for nurses and their patients

For newly licensed nurses, applying what they’ve learned in an academic setting to real-world clinical situations can be overwhelming and contribute to low confidence and attrition during this transitional time. The trusted, evidence-based content and resources empower your newly licensed and experienced nurses in their mission to care, improving their overall satisfaction and in turn helping to enhance your organization’s patients’ experience.

Professional development programs

Healthcare organizations are experiencing high attrition rates and struggling to attract and connect with new nurses in ways that motivate them to truly be part of the organization. Strong frontline nurse leaders play a key role in improving nurse engagement, recruitment and retention. Supporting practice improvement and professional growth through evidence-based education, tools and resources will develop the leaders who inspire and support others as they help carry forward your organization’s mission to care.

Learn how to enhance the nursing journey with resources at every stage:

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Clinical eLearning

Promotes professional development and practice improvement with authoritative, evidence-based learning to help orient, educate and develop clinicians.

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Clinical Skills

Combines competency management features with over 1,700 evidence-based skills and procedures with CE to standardize care anywhere, anytime.

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ClinicalKey for Nursing

A clinical knowledge solution designed to help nurses find the right answers at the right time, every time, through a wide breadth and depth of trusted content.

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Transition to Practice

A revolutionary new platform that supports newly-licensed nurses to improve confidence, while also increasing employer retention of new hire graduate RNs.

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Home Health Care

Evidence-based skills and procedures with CE, patient education, drug information and competency management tools to manage performance for home health care nurses.

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