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Providing consistent, evidence-based patient education

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Empower your patients with information you trust

Elsevier's Patient Engagement solutions and technology engage, educate and empower patients by giving them quick access to the same evidence-based information you trust, but delivered in interactive and patient-friendly ways. This turns patients into active participants in their healthcare, not only while they’re with their care team but, more importantly, at home where most of their care will take place.

Our Solutions

Educate with Interactive Patient Education

Educate your patients by sharing interactive information in the format they learn best, in their language and health literacy level, wherever they are.

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Online Health Education

Empower with Health Library

Empower patients to take control of their health with a comprehensive online-library of clinician-approved resources.

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Personalize with WiserCare

WiserCare is an online decision support experience that helps patients discover and articulate their unique care goals, preferences and barriers.

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Communicating Effectively with Diverse Patient Populations

Learn to identify the barriers and solutions that influence health literacy for diverse patient population.



Improving Patient Engagement: Next Steps and the Road Ahead

In a recent survey, healthcare providers nationwide acknowledged a need to improve their patient engagement and education tools.

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Making Health Literacy an Organizational Value

The system can be redesigned to accommodate the unpredictability of limited health literacy skills, but the lack of a clear-cut solution is the challenge.

Elsevier can help

Learn how Elsevier can empower your patients to make better health decisions.

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