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Patients as consumers

From wearable technologies that monitor everything from fitness and sleep to vital signs, and voice-activated digital assistants that control our smart homes and entertainment, today’s consumers are accustomed to a rich digital experience — one that extends to heightened expectations about their healthcare. The demand for digital access to healthcare technologies that emerged in response to the pandemic is here to stay. Health systems can leverage that to provide a patient education experience that aligns with individual care journeys.

Patients as consumers

Demand for personalization

Demand for personalization

Today’s tech-savvy patients demand that their healthcare providers go beyond providing easily accessible multimedia information. To “meet patients where they are,” providing the right educational materials to patients at all health literacy levels is just the first step. Healthcare organizations must also meet patient expectations for personalized, evidence-based education in formats optimized for their preferred devices — in their preferred language, at their reading level, and in terms that are actionable and meaningful to their health.

Complex patient care

The number of patients postponing care surged during the health crisis. That delay has many clinicians anticipating higher volumes of patients with more severe chronic diseases and comorbidities. To better manage complex cases efficiently, clinicians across disciplines will need to empower patients at every touchpoint with educational materials that provide consistent, evidence-based information.

Complex patient care

Greater post-discharge accountability

Greater post-discharge accountability

The adoption of value-based care agreements linking facility reimbursements with readmission rates and health outcomes continues to increase. To address quality outcomes, health systems must help patients and their caregivers make smart care management choices at home. Comprehensive, evidence-based patient education in their preferred consumable format can help ensure patients get the best guidance possible even after they have left the facility.

Care planning and collaboration isn’t just between departments— it’s also between clinicians and patients. But getting everyone on the same page can be a tough task, with the potential for disconnects from one hand-off to the next or even for the patient themselves.

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