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Empower your patients with information you trust

Elsevier's Patient Engagement solutions and technology engage, educate and empower patients by giving them quick access to the same evidence-based information you trust, but delivered in interactive and patient-friendly ways. This turns patients into active participants in their healthcare, not only while they’re with their care team but, more importantly, at home where most of their care will take place.

Leveraging Patient Engagement To Improve The Health Of Your Hospital

Dr. Peter Edelstein, FACS, FASCRS, Chief Medical Officer of Elsevier Clinical Solutions, will present the case for Patient Engagement, validated tools for measuring the engagement of your patient population, and unique yet practical insights into identifying the best approaches to impactful engagement activities.

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Our Solutions

Engage with Tonic

Engage patients with a fun, fast way to collect data that supports improved care and raises patient satisfaction with our partner solution,

Educate with Interactive
Patient Education

Educate your patients by sharing interactive information in the format they learn best, in their language and health literacy level, wherever they are.

Empower with Health Library

Empower patients to take control of their health with a comprehensive online-library of clinician-approved resources.


Multimedia Moves
Patient Education
Further Into the

As healthcare providers increasingly strive to provide more patient-centered care, more diverse and adaptable methods of communication are becoming an attractive option for patient education.

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MedStar Georgetown
University Case Study

Engaging patients with an iPad based survey, Tonic, is resulting in better patient data.

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Patient Engagement: The Complexity Behind The Buzzword

Learn how hospitals can develop and channel resources to truly engage patients and toward higher value healthcare.

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