Celebrating Nurses Week 2021

With profound gratitude for all you do, we celebrate your mission to care.

It takes a big heart and a hungry mind, to make a great nurse

Celebrating your caring hearts

You touch countless lives, but often, you may not see the difference you make. Here are a few ways you’ve made a powerful impact.

When I was in labor with our first baby, I was terrified

When I was in labor with our first baby, I was terrified …

My family couldn’t be in the room with me due to COVID restrictions, so I was totally alone. Until the nurse arrived. Her name was Tammy, and for the next several hours, she became my family. Keeping me calm. Holding my hand. Telling me that I was strong enough to do this.

To Tammy … THANK YOU! Today, Baby Emma and I are doing just fine

Working all day – and night – to prepare for the COVID front line

Working all day – and night – to prepare for the COVID front line …

My friend Jill is a surgical nurse who works long hours in the clinic. When COVID hit, she was redeployed to the ICU … and needed to refresh her skills. Without batting an eye, she took online courses at night – even after working a full day – because that’s what needed to be done. I witnessed her exhaustion. And her dedication.

To Jill … THANK YOU. We’re so fortunate to have nurses like you.

My son woke up with a high fever

My son woke up with a high fever. I didn’t know what to do...

Rather than head to the ER, I tried telehealth first. Within minutes, a pediatric nurse named Julie was on the screen, calming my fears and asking questions about my son’s symptoms. Turns out, it was not an emergency, but a treatable condition that could wait for a pediatrician office visit the next day.

To Julie … THANK YOU for your calming kindness and your level-headed thinking that saved me from a trip to the ER and a night without sleep.

When my mother had surgery-we were in a bind

When my mother had surgery, we were in a bind …

My elderly mother lives alone, out of state. When she had surgery that required rehab and follow-up care, we were in a bind ... she was unable to drive in her condition. A nurse named Andrew helped with home visits as well as other tasks that were difficult for my mother to complete, like laundry and ordering groceries online.

To Andrew … THANK YOU. I honestly don’t know how my mother would have gotten along post-surgery without you.

Nourishing your hungry mind

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