Elsevier Clinical Nursing

Learn how to enhance your nurses’ journey with resources at every stage

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Elsevier Clinical Nursing

Learn how to enhance your nurses’ journey with resources at every stage

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Empowering your mission to care

At Elsevier, we believe that nursing is more than a department or service line—it’s a calling. Your mission is to deliver the highest levels of care at every stage of the patient journey. Ours is to support your organization in its efforts to improve orientation and retention, care coordination and the patient experience. We do this through a powerful combination of integrated trusted content and technology that empowers your nurses to excel.

Elsevier Clinical Nursing is uniquely positioned to help your nurses achieve practice excellence.


Ensure a better experience for your nurses and patients. By integrating clinical content into workflows and at the point-of-care, nurses have convenient access to trusted guidance and support that instills both competence and confidence while improving patient satisfaction.

Deliver exceptional, trusted content. We work closely with leading healthcare organizations to author, verify and update all content in our portfolio. These partnerships ensure the accuracy, integrity and alignment of our content with current industry standards and practices.

Advance organizational excellence. We strive to help your organization perform better by meeting safety and quality measures, addressing regulatory and compliance requirements as well as achieving Magnet designation.

Promote consistency across the patient journey. Our integrated content and digital tools promote interprofessional collaboration and communication, empowering your team to deliver the same high-quality care whenever and wherever a patient enters the system.

Enhance efficiency of care. Your nurses need easy access to clinical information they can trust to help them make more informed decisions, faster. Our combined content and technology supports nursing workflows, helping nurses practice at top-of-license, save time and money, all while better managing patients at every stage of their journey.

1 Million
Number of nurses who reach their retirement age in the next 10-15 years1

Operating margin increase with effective interprofessional collaboration2

Up to 80%
of information is immediately forgotten by adult learners3

Learn how we empower your mission to care through solutions that foster excellence:

Orientation & Retention

Promote confidence and competence with immersive, personalized education that offers consistent education and a better experience for your nurses and professional development programs.

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Care Coordination

Support coordinated, patient-centered care through digital tools, trusted clinical content and professional services that advance practice for better outcomes and consistency of care across all settings and disciplines.

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Patient Experience

Engage, educate and empower patients by giving them quick access to the same evidence-based information you trust, but delivered in interactive and patient-friendly ways. This turns patients into active participants in their healthcare, not only while they’re with their care team but, more importantly, at home where most of their care will take place.

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The staggering impact of orientation and retention on your bottom line

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Redesigning the way we educate new nurses

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The power of effectively coordinated care infographic

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Association, society and corporate partners

We work closely with leading healthcare organizations to author, verify and update all content in our clinical solutions.

Learning technology partners

We work closely with other learning technology companies to provide a seamless experience to our customers.


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