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Empowering nurses to deliver consistent care

Elsevier fosters collaborative, patient centered-care through powerful competency management, care planning, and patient engagement solutions.

Drive value-based care

Empower nurses to make faster, better decisions and avoid errors at the point of care through access to the most complete and trusted evidence-based content.

ClinicalKey for nursing

ClinicalKey brings nursing monographs, practice guidelines and core measures with nursing recommendations.

Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey

Delivers the fastest, smartest, safest medication decisions.

Make an impact on your patients' health today

Learn how your care team can build meaningful connections with your patients.

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Improve patient outcomes and reduce variability

Promote patient-centered care through integration of credible and comprehensive content directly into your EHR.

Care planning

Integrate care plans directly into your EHR.

Professional practice services

Experienced healthcare professionals help build a culture focused on improving outcomes.

Abington Memorial Hospital adopts evidence-based clinical documentation system

By using Care Planning, the hospital is delivering the latest guidance for more than 200 patient conditions directly to the bedside.

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Clinical Practice

Enhance the competency and skills of the care team

Develop and maintain a high-performing team with learning and competency management tools.

Clinical skills

Standardize, measure and document knowledge with over 1,300 evidence-based skills and robust competency management.

Clinical elearning

Drive care consistency and improve patient outcomes through delivery of clinical education content.

Home health care

Access the information home health care nurses and other clinicians need most, including elearning courses, competency management, drug information and patient education.

Elsevier nursing suite

Elsevier supports nurses with a powerful set of learning and competency management solutions to standardize knowledge across your organization.

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Empower, engage and educate patients

Transform patients into active participants in their healthcare with solutions and technology that educate and empower them using the same evidence-based information you trust, delivered in an interactive and engaging way.

Interactive patient education

Educate your patients by sharing interactive information wherever they are in the format, language and health literacy level they learn best.

Health library

Empower patients to take control of their health with a comprehensive online library of clinician-approved resources.

Drug patient education

Empower and engage patients with the medication information they need to ensure appropriate medication usage.