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Talks on patient engagement, practice interoperability, CDS and HIE by several noted clinicians scheduled for Elsevier booth

A new platform for sound science papers in all research areas on surfaces and interfaces

New study published in Journal of World Business wins Elsevier’s Atlas Award

No disinfectants tested completely remove bacterial biofilms from water lines

Top Five Candidates for Green Chemistry Challenge announced

Clinical SolutionsElsevier Launches ClinicalKey Mobile App11-Feb-2016

Fast access to trusted answers at the point of need

New open access, peer-reviewed, online-only journal serving the international transplant community

Early-career researchers from Indonesia, Nepal, Peru, Uganda and Yemen honored for their life-enhancing work in health and nutrition

Free online resource centers provide the latest medical and scientific information and research on the Zika virus

New book, Health Care Reforms in India: Making Up for the Lost Decades by Rajendra Pratap Gupta, looks at gaps and opportunities for improving healthcare outcomes in the country

Reducing incarceration can reduce the number of sexual partners men and women have

New research reveals the odor profile of decaying bodies

Effects seen in German Caucasian and Chinese Asian women, according to a report in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Archaeologists discover fish fermentation site in Sweden