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Research And JournalsAntidepressants safe during pregnancyJun 23, 2021

Risk of autism increases with maternal depression, but not SSRI use

An extensive review of the literature finds the most frequently reported reactions have been misrepresented or exaggerated in the media and are rarely cause for concern, University of Connecticut researchers report in Clinics in Dermatology

Early depression has robust, lasting associations with adult health and functioning even after accounting for early adversity exposure

Research And JournalsHighlights from the journal CHEST®, June 2021Jun 16, 2021

Coronavirus activates a stem cell–mediated defense mechanism that reactivates dormant tuberculosis (TB) in a mouse model and has implications for developing new vaccines and avoiding a global TB pandemic, report investigators in The American Journal of Pathology

Partnership drives to support discovery, collaboration in life sciences

Journal of Dairy Science® reports development of a modified milk calibration sample set to improve accuracy of milk urea nitrogen testing

Addition of a simple processing step to saliva samples before testing may improve COVID-19 detection rate, eliminate the challenges of nasopharyngeal testing, and facilitate mass surveillance, researchers report in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

Online shopping was associated with lower spending on certain unhealthy, impulse-sensitive foods, according to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Starting today, over 110 carefully selected journal articles and book chapters will be publicly accessible to raise awareness and act on urgent environmental issues

In response to the increased need for skilled healthcare workers during the pandemic, many hospitals in California are calling upon adjunct nursing staff that don’t typically work in the ICU to offer additional support in the care of critically ill patients

An integrative review in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences examines the effectiveness of using virtual reality to train healthcare providers in empathy

Complimentary resources include localized online learning tools for healthcare professionals and the public in India on the prevention and management of COVID-19, along with evidence-based information on COVID-19 vaccines

Research And JournalsChildhood disadvantage affects brain connectivityMay 18, 2021

Positive home, school environment can mitigate risk

A microchip technology test kit may facilitate point-of-care testing in remote locations, clinics and airports while providing similar accuracy to the tube-based real-time PCR tests, investigators report in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics