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Sherpath is the first educational platform designed specifically for nursing and allied health which integrates content, assessment and simulations customized to each program, course and student

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry

Report published in Environmental Science & Policy wins Elsevier’s Atlas award for June 2016

Assessment of clinical and nonclinical factors indicates that black men on active surveillance are more likely to pursue active treatment, according to a new study published in The Journal of Urology®

New report in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology examines this question

Integration to be rolled out across Victoria’s largest public health service provider’s network as part of wider digital transformation program

Analysis of more than 5 million hospitalizations for heart failure uncovered important insights, according to a new report in The American Journal of Medicine

Editors represent established aerospace nations

Researchers found no significant differences in health related quality of life between patients with low risk prostate cancer on active surveillance and men without the disease over three years of followup, according to a new study in The Journal of Urology®

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry

Valuable resource for researchers assesses prospects for the emergence of effective agents

Research And JournalsPaths to Autism: One or Many?19-Jul-2016

Answers from a new study in Biological Psychiatry

Book discusses growing phenomenon of digital currencies, payment methods and protocols that computers use to communicate with each other

Currently, there is no accurate test for autologous blood transfusions, but new tools may help find cheating athletes, according to a new report in Transfusion Medicine Reviews