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New updated Wilderness Medical Society guidelines on management of exercise-related hyponatremia published in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine highlight the importance of avoiding overhydration

Potential for unintended temporary programming and arrhythmic complications when an electronic cigarette is placed in close proximity to an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator or pacemaker reported in HeartRhythm Case Reports

Accidents involving drivers testing below legal blood alcohol concentration limits are more likely to cause harm to others than drivers with levels at or above the limit, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, however, stronger alcohol control policies were protective against alcohol involvement in motor vehicle crashes, even at low levels

New cloud-based platform helps advance studies on research metrics and the impact of research

However significantly earlier onset of vulvovaginal malignancies in IBD patients, compared with the general population, is reported by researchers in Digestive and Liver Disease

Child sugar intake may be impacted by a lack of uniform serving size and standardized metrics for sugar content, according to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Availability of results within 5 to 6 hours of blood draw allows faster and more precise intervention when time is of the essence, reports The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

Cognitive behavior therapy as a single treatment works well for most children and adolescents with OCD and the improvement continues even after the treatment was discontinued

Large study in Biological Psychiatry strengthens evidence and suggests a potential therapeutic target in pregnancy to give children a healthier start in life

Nutraceuticals have potential for boosting the type 1 interferon response to RNA viruses, as reported in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases

Findings reported in The American Journal of Pathology indicate that adrenomedullin helps resolve lung damage and pulmonary hypertension caused by oxygen exposure during the newborn period in mice

The HTK program spanning 40 states helps educate older veterans on improving nutrition for healthy aging, and recent program quality improvement efforts inform HTK nutrition education by taking into account other issues facing older Americans

Updated guidelines published in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine provide the most up-to-date and relevant clinical information to frontline providers in wilderness or austere environments including new guidelines on diabetes management and spinal immobilization

Research And JournalsMood disorders on genetic spectrumFeb 4, 2020

Researchers quantify similarities and differences between depression and bipolar disorder in a genetic meta-analysis in Biological Psychiatry

Proof of concept study assesses DNA from numerous live cells using single-cell–based droplet digital PCR assay without cell fixation, cell staining, or whole-genome amplification, reports The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics