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Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry

Free virtual institute and online community focuses on diagnosis and treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging

Article from Environment International wins Elsevier’s Atlas Award

Also introduces two other veterinary and animal science titles

Consumers spent a greater proportion of their food budget on fruits and vegetables without increasing overall budgets, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Report will provide a comprehensive view of the US cancer research for the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative

New study supports benefits of neighborhood greenspace on Southern California adolescents

Study in the Journal of Transport & Health shows travelling is an important source of exercise for Londoners and identifies factors that encourage activity

Key data from the U.S. National Registry of Sudden Death in Athletes reveal important insights, according to a new report in The American Journal of Medicine

Wearable technology that allows people to monitor the number of bites they take could help people lose weight, reports the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Knowledge of radiation dose and associated risks varies among referring physicians, radiologists, and technicians, according to a new study in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

Comprehensive Reference “Storing Energy,” along with seven other new titles, featured in Elsevier booth # 307