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SSRN builds its first community-driven network outside the social sciences

Highly intuitive search with the most advanced indexing and extraction of experimental data available will accelerate lead optimization in early drug discovery

One of six new neuroscience titles, groundbreaking book analyzes the failures in curing Alzheimer’s, cancer and cardiovascular disease and proposes solutions

One of eight new renewable-alternative energy titles, “The Performance of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Systems” offers state-of-the-art information on performance analysis, measurement and assessment

Science And TechnologyElsevier launches new stem cell book seriesMay 23, 2017

Each volume focuses on stem cells in an individual organ and how to use them alongside relevant methods and protocols

One of four new forestry and plant science titles, “Forest Management and Planning Second Edition” incorporates the latest research and forest certification standards

Three-year consortium license includes capacity-building initiatives and provides access to and indexing of Thai and other regional journals in Elsevier’s Scopus database

One of 10 new agriculture titles, Agricultural Systems, Second Edition, enhances understanding of how research can be harnessed for sustainable agriculture

Books will serve as informative tools and user manuals for both engineering researchers and practitioners

“Translating Epigenetics to the Clinic” promotes cross-disciplinary communication between medical sub-specialties

Timely book is one of four new nutrition titles published by Elsevier

Provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of coffee's complexity with rigorous and experience-based contributions

“The Heart in Rheumatic, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases” resulted from a global collaboration of more than 150 distinguished scientists