Geofacets to Deliver Diverse Geological Maps and Information in the Petrel E&P Software Platform

A preview of Geofacets’ 600,000+ geoscience maps to be made available to the Petrel platform’s geoscientist users through Studio WorldMap

New York, NY, April 26, 2016

Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, services today announced a further integration of Geofacets with Petrel* E&P software platform and Studio* E&P knowledge environment via Studio WorldMap. Through the integration with Studio WorldMap, users of Petrel 2015 will immediately preview hundreds of thousands of geologically significant maps and articles sourced from Geofacets’ vast database without interrupting their workflow.

Oil & gas companies face progressively technical and data-heavy environments. Combining data and analysis capabilities together reduces the cumbersome and time-intensive exploration research process, while increasing the variety of validated geologic information within the Petrel platform exposes geoscientists to content and insights they may never have considered searching before.

Through Studio WorldMap, all Petrel users will now be able to see the locations of Geofacets map data on the Petrel platform’s interactive map interface. They will also see geologic information about each map, such as associated basins, along with an image of the map.

“By integrating Geofacets’ content into Studio WorldMap, we move one step further to addressing the evolving ways in which geoscientists work in the 21st century,” said Phoebe McMellon, Director of Product Management at Geofacets. “Particularly in this challenging environment, where explorations teams are experiencing a significant reduction in resources, but still faced with the same time and business pressures, Geofacets and Studio WorldMap help exploration teams access high quality content and data that is normally difficult to find, thereby, helping teams efficiently and effectively, gain deep geologic and geophysical understanding of the subsurface, ultimately improving productivity.”

Geofacets’ initial collaboration with Schlumberger was announced in 2014 with the launch of the Geofacets Connector for the Petrel platform and the Studio environment. This plug-in allows users of both the Petrel platform and Geofacets users to search for and download georeferenced maps into 2D and 3D geological and geophysical models created in the Petrel platform.

Geofacets is a geoscience solution that enables efficient and thorough analysis of subsurface geology to empower confident natural resource exploration decisions and research. With a unique combination of expertly-curated and trusted geologic maps, geoscience and location-based map search, and the inclusion of georeferenced maps for seamless integration into GIS, modelling and presentation software, Geofacets helps leading companies and institutions worldwide enhance geologic knowledge, make critical exploration decisions and increase productivity.

*Mark of Schlumberger


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