Endeavor Information Systems Announces New Version of Industry-Leading Electronic Resource Management Solution

Des Plaines, IL, June 5, 2006 - Endeavor Information Systems one of the leading worldwide providers of library management software, today unveiled a significantly enhanced version of Endeavor Meridian™, its electronic resource management (ERM) system. Endeavor Meridian 1.5 is designed to help librarians and information professionals efficiently manage electronic resources as well as the licenses and packages associated with those resources.

Institutions worldwide recognize the efficiencies that ERM systems provide by supporting all the administrative tasks associated with selecting, evaluating, licensing, acquiring and providing access to E-content. By working closely with its development and field test partners, Endeavor focused on enhancements to Meridian that improve patron access to bibliographic information, expand its localization capabilities and comply with industry standards that will result in more efficient delivery of content to patrons. 

"Princeton University Library actively participated in the development process for Endeavor Meridian 1.0, and field tested the new 1.5 release," said Katharine Treptow Farrell, head of the Order Division and assistant head of Technical Services at Princeton. "In addition to the relative ease of the upgrade process, we are pleased with the enhanced functionality of Meridian, especially the manner in which interface information is handled."

The availability of dynamic data exchange between Meridian 1.5 and the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), an electronic database of a library’s holdings, allows patrons to swiftly view and access relevant resource materials – and the conditions for their use – directly from the OPAC display record.

The integration between Meridian and the OPAC is achieved via a Web service, which allows an external system to query and receive product, license and interface data from Meridian for use in the external system. The increasing application of Web services is part of Endeavor’s strategy for architecting a Hybrid Library System, an integrated technology framework for managing physical and digital collections within libraries. 

This Web service builds upon existing capabilities for communicating MARC and acquisitions data from an integrated library system (ILS) to Meridian and extends the array of integration options available to libraries. Overall, the use of Web services will enhance the level of interaction between Meridian and interfaces from third-party applications and services in a library environment.

In addition to expanding its use of Web services, Meridian 1.5 provides support for localization of all elements of the Web-based staff interface, which will allow the ERM tool to be translated into any language. With Meridian’s expanded infrastructure, libraries desiring additional interface languages will have the opportunity to perform their own translations in order to meet local needs.

Interface inheritance extends Meridian’s capabilities for license inheritance to public access details, allowing a library to make changes at the package level. As these alterations are made, they then "trickle down" to the individual titles included in the package. However, Meridian provides the flexibility of overriding this information at the individual title level, if there is relevant title-specific data to record. Overall, this unique feature simplifies the process of modifying a record in one place and having that update reflected in all corresponding titles.

As industry standards emerge that streamline the communication of serials product and subscription information, Endeavor continues to devote resources ensuring that its product suite supports those initiatives. The introduction of Meridian 1.5 marks the first time that an ERM solution complies with the ONIX Serials Release Notification (SRN), which is designed to support information exchanges about the planned or confirmed publication or electronic availability of one or more serial releases. 

The SRN message will allow library staff and patrons to view specific information about the most recent issue, including the date on which that issue was made available electronically. This new capability also supports easier troubleshooting and claiming of electronic issues.

Additionally, the new version of Meridian features tighter integration with Endeavor Analyzer™, Endeavor’s analysis and reporting solution for libraries based on Cognos® business intelligence technology. Keeping with the company’s goal of making its technology more accessible, Meridian can deliver complete E-resource information to Analyzer whether the library is using Endeavor’s Voyager® or a third-party ILS. Likewise, enhanced security features in Meridian determine which users have permission to create and write reports with Analyzer.

“Endeavor Meridian was introduced last year as a response to the increasing number of electronic resources that libraries need to manage,” said Kathryn Harnish, product manager at Endeavor. “Meridian 1.5 reflects the recommendations of our development and field test partners, who provided invaluable feedback regarding streamlined workflows and additional management utilities for e-content. This new version also delivers new integration opportunities between Meridian, the Voyager online public interface and third-party applications.”


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