Elsevier Develops Account Management Tool in Response to Market Need

New web service empowers librarians to self-administer Scopus and ScienceDirect

Amsterdam, 14 August 2005 - Elsevier has developed a special administration tool for librarians called the ''Admin Tool''. Set to launch in October 2005, the Admin Tool was created in response to in depth customer feedback and provides an intuitive online interface for viewing and editing ScienceDirect and Scopus accounts.

Elsevier’s E Customer Service Department conducted a series of intensive user testing rounds with a diverse audience of librarians specializing in collection development, cataloguing, electronic resources and system administrators across Europe, Asia, America and Australia. The Admin Tool’s user-friendly interface will be launched via the ScienceDirect and Scopus websites in October of 2005.

"The new Admin Tool is another tangible step in Elsevier's efforts to increase customer satisfaction," says Koen Petersen, Director Global Sales Operations & E-Customer Care at Elsevier. "With the Admin Tool our customers will be better positioned to review the settings of their account, and to pro-actively alert us with questions and issues. On top of this, customers will be able to take stronger ownership for administration of their accounts, something they have told my team they want.”

Users will benefit from innovative and free-of-charge features to manage accounts quickly and efficiently. These include the ability to create groups and departments within an institute’s IP range to monitor specific usage per department, create remote access accounts for end users as well as turn on and off transactional access, credit card purchasing, and document delivery for all accounts. Furthermore, the Admin Tool provides access to ScienceDirect E holding and usage reports, Content Coverage for both Scopus and ScienceDirect and enables users to customize accounts with their own logos.

About ScienceDirect
ScienceDirect is the essential information resource for millions of researchers, scientists, engineers, professionals and students holding more than a quarter of the world’s electronic collection of science, technology and medicine full-text, peer-reviewed articles.

More than 2,000 journals and hundreds of books from Elsevier - including prestigious titles such as The Lancet, Cell, Tetrahedron Letters, the Handbooks in Economics Series and the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences - are available on ScienceDirect.

Users can access more than 7 million full-text articles from all fields of science. Most journal articles become available on ScienceDirect immediately after peer review and before the printed versions are issued. Additionally, users gain online access to features not available in print, such as cross-publisher linking via CrossRef, and multimedia features, such as video, audio and supplementary spreadsheet files. Visit ScienceDirect for more information about the Admin Tool.

About Scopus
Covering the world’s research literature, Scopus is the largest and easiest-to-use navigation tool ever built. Scopus was designed and developed with over 300 users and librarians internationally. Its unique database contains abstracts and references from over 14,000 titles from 4,000 different publishers, ensuring broad inter-disciplinary coverage. In addition, Scopus not only offers users citation information about the articles covered, but also integrates web & patents searches directly from its clean and simple interface. Direct links to full-text articles, library resources and other applications like reference management software, make Scopus quicker, easier and more comprehensive to use than any other literature research tool. Visit Scopus for more information on the Admin Tool

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