Boehringer Ingelheim deploys MDL® Logistics

 Top pharma begins rollout of MDL logistics chemical inventory procurement and management system to worldwide R&D sites

San Ramon, CA – July 17, 2007 – Elsevier MDL is pleased to announce that Boehringer Ingelheim has successfully deployed a custom version of the MDL® Logistics reagent procurement and management system to 300 employees at the company's Biberach chemical R&D laboratories. Boehringer Ingelheim is executing on a plan to roll out the software to approximately 800 researchers worldwide later this year or early in 2008.

According to Dr. Gerhard Mihm (Boehringer Ingelheim, Group Leader, Screening Support Group), it is critical that Boehringer Ingelheim scientists have access to a reagent management system that streamlines the ordering and procurement process by reducing errors, preventing duplicate ordering and providing side-by-side access to internal reagents. Dr. Mihm says that MDL Logistics allows his group to manage internal stores and commercial catalogs effectively while integrating seamlessly and transparently with Boehringer Ingelheim's purchasing system. Boehringer Ingelheim chose to migrate to MDL Logistics from the MDL® ISIS-based CIMS application for several reasons including new regulatory functionality and improved access to multiple data sources.

"We are very pleased with Boehringer Ingelheim's choice of the Isentris-based MDL Logistics solution for managing reagent procurement and inventory control," said Lars Barfod, President and CEO of Elsevier MDL. "This outcome confirms the long-term value of working closely with customers to understand their workflow needs thoroughly and developing software solutions that satisfy those requirements."

Elsevier MDL developed MDL Logistics using a consortium partnership model in which Boehringer Ingelheim actively participated in establishing and testing both the functionality and performance requirements of the application. Dr. Mihm presented at Elsevier MDL's 2007 European User Group Meeting and U.S. User Conference on the topic of his positive experiences with MDL Logistics.

For more information on the MDL Logistics total procurement solution, visit or contact an Elsevier MDL Account Manager to arrange a demonstration.

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