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The percentage of heavy sugar-sweetened beverage drinkers trended downwards in most demographic categories, but attention should be paid to several subgroups with high intake for whom trends are not decreasing, according to a new study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Report identifies lack of sex and gender dimension across SDG research

New AI leverages high quality, experimental reactions featured in Reaxys’ chemistry database, will allow chemists to increase the success rate of synthetic chemistry

Elderly Care China to boost capacity and quality of nursing care in response to demand for essential geriatric care management services

Corporate Social ResponsibilityElsevier opens up Embase to Research4LifeFeb 24, 2020

Researchers and healthcare professionals in developing countries now have access to one of the world’s most comprehensive biomedical literature databases

Sherpath is the first educational platform designed specifically for nursing and allied health which integrates content, assessment and simulations customized to each program, course and student

Sherpath” is the first nursing educational platform to integrate content, assessment and simulations personalized to each program, course and student

Wallcur's Practi-Pack pre-built practice medication packages to complement Elsevier's simulated electronic health record learning tool for nursing students

Elsevier to use Knewton technology to create next generation of digital course materials

Elsevier Adaptive Learning, powered by Cerego technology, combines brain science with patented algorithms for an individualized, more effective learning experience

Competency-based, online simulated EHR to teach students front office, clinical care, and coding and billing skills

Dynamic tool to help nursing students better prepare for course exams and the NCLEX Exam

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