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Elsevier Health launches ClinicalKey AI, the most advanced Gen AI-powered clinical decision support tool for clinicians

New York | February 29, 2024

  • Elsevier Health and OpenEvidence collaborated in the development of ClinicalKey AI with input from Cone Health, University of New Mexico and more than 30,000 physicians from across the US.

  • ClinicalKey AI will enable easy and secure access to some of the world’s most trusted medical content, including scientific journals, medication information, clinical reference content and medical textbooks such as Braunwald’s Heart Disease, Goldman-Cecil Medicine and Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.

Elsevier Health, a global leader in medical information and data analytics, today launched ClinicalKey AI, the first and most advanced clinical decision support tool to be introduced in the US that combines the latest and most trusted medical content with generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help clinicians at the point of care. ClinicalKey AI has been launched in partnership with OpenEvidence, a company specializing in AI for medicine.

Access to reliable, evidence-based medical information is critical, especially given the overwhelming volume of complex cases that clinicians are required to manage daily. In addition, staffing challenges are placing increasing demands on clinicians’ time, further amplifying the need for quick and secure access to accurate, trusted information at the point of care. ClinicalKey AI addresses this challenge by leveraging a sophisticated and personalized conversational search interface to help clinicians find accurate, succinct clinical information drawing from one of the world’s largest and most trusted body of medical information available to date. The solution has been designed to provide high-quality curated content and constantly refreshed evidence-based research to help clinicians in offering optimal patient experiences whether in a small clinic or a large hospital.

Jan Herzhoff, PhD, President, Elsevier Health said: “As a company dedicated to empowering clinicians and improving outcomes, we are thrilled to introduce ClinicalKey AI, a giant leap forward in the way clinicians access trusted, evidence-based information at the point of care. Designed for clinical practice, ClinicalKey AI enables faster and more precise answers to a wide variety of clinical questions from simple, high-frequency questions to highly complex questions requiring access to the latest scientific research. ClinicalKey AI sets a new standard for medical decision-making support."

ClinicalKey AI’s search interface includes the following features:

  • Optimized for natural language queries;

  • Accurate information from multiple evidence-based content sources, including Elsevier’s large corpus of peer-reviewed content and other validated sources;

  • Generates a summarized response based on evidence-based content sources and cited with references;

  • Consideration to patient context, such as comorbidities and current medications, when prompted;

  • Personalized responses based on the clinician’s profile;

  • Ability to ask follow-up questions and to access previous queries and responses;

  • All content is licensed so clinicians and institutions can feel confident in the information they are using.

Elsevier Health and OpenEvidence collaborated with Cone Health and the University of New Mexico on the development of ClinicalKey AI, which was also used by more than 30,000 physicians across the US.

Jeetu Nanda, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Information Officer, Cone Health said: “At the heart of our mission is the patient, and we are committed to providing physicians with the tools they need to make informed decisions. Our work with Elsevier Health has allowed us to deliver a superior user experience, combining trusted medical content with advanced AI technology through ClinicalKey AI. The positive feedback we've received from clinicians currently using ClinicalKey AI has been tremendous, and we are excited to roll out this powerful tool across our entire healthcare system."

Dusadee Sarangarm, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, University of New Mexico Health said: "Generative AI isn't about replacing a doctor's training, intuition or expertise, it's about amplifying it. It is having the world's medical library at your fingertips, instantly summarizing massive amounts of research and literature at the bedside."

ClinicalKey AI is built and maintained to deliver the accuracy and relevance of insights that healthcare institutions and physicians expect from Elsevier Health. ClinicalKey AI has been developed in line with Elsevier's Responsible AI Principles and Privacy Principles and in collaboration with our communities to ensure our solutions help them achieve their goals. ClinicalKey AI builds on Elsevier Health’s flagship offering ClinicalKey, which is used by thousands of hospital systems and medical schools across the globe to address point of care and deep reference needs.

For more than two decades, Elsevier has been using AI and machine learning technologies in combination with our world-class peer-reviewed content and extensive data sets to create products that help the research, life sciences and healthcare communities be more effective every day. By incorporating generative AI in our offerings, we aim to make it easier and more intuitive for customers to find the information they can trust to accelerate scientific discovery, empower collaboration and transform patient care.

With unprecedented interest in ClinicalKey AI after an early access release in November 2023, ClinicalKey AI is now fully available across the US with launches in other geographies to be announced at a later date. To learn more about ClinicalKey AI, please visit our ClinicalKey AI website.

Notes to Editors

ClinicalKey AI virtual demonstrations, images and interviews with executives are available upon request. Attendees at the upcoming HIMSS Conference (March 11-15) can experience an in-person demonstration of ClinicalKey AI by visiting Elsevier at Booth 3048.

About Elsevier Health

For more than 140 years, Elsevier has supported the work of researchers and healthcare professionals by providing current, evidence–based information that can help empower students and clinicians to provide the best healthcare possible. Growing from our roots, Elsevier Health applies innovation, facilitates insights, and helps drive more informed decision-making for our customers across global health. We support health providers by providing accessible, trusted evidence-based information to take on the infodemic; prepare more future health professionals with effective tools and resources; provide insights that help clinicians improve patient outcomes; deliver healthcare that is truly inclusive; and supports a more personalized and localized healthcare experience.

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About Elsevier

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