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Research excellence nominations for women mathematicians and physicists accepted through October 17, 2014

June 17 deadline for one-page applications promoting gender equality in academia and capacity building in developing world libraries

Elsevier Foundation provides support to AWIS to publish Equitable Solutions for Retaining a Robust STEM Workforce: Beyond Best Practices Note to Editors: Authors Dr. Donna Dean and Janet Bandows Koster are available for interview.An e-book and hard copies of this book are available for review.Please contact: or

$700,000 awarded to Innovative Libraries, New Scholars and Nurse Faculty Programs

Elsevier-Library of Alexandria Memorandum of Understanding drives research usage and access with virtual knowledge community in developing countries

Corporate Social ResponsibilityElsevier Honors the 2013 Nobel Laureates17-Oct-2013

Nobel tribute website provides free access to research published by 2013 Nobel

Premier nurse mentoring program is funded by The Elsevier Foundation

June 24 deadline for 1 page applications to promote gender equality in academia and build capacity in developing world libraries

Research excellence nominations accepted through September 15 to support research, build capacity and inspire a new generation of women scientists in the developing world

$650,000 awarded to Innovative Libraries, New Scholars and Nurse Faculty Programs

Numbers of women in engineering, physics and computer science are on the decline