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Fairer recognition of all authors’ contributions to scholarly work, supplying a transparent description of the roles of each co-author

3D4Medical joins Elsevier’s well-established and trusted health education offerings

Based on the global field-weighted citation impact, this new report by Elsevier charts global trends in AIDS and HIV research. The University of Cape Town is the most influential research institution in the field underlining the high priority that HIV/AIDS research has in countries that are strongly affected by the disease

New report suggests that with 150,000 recent research articles in Scopus, Malaysia is proving itself to be an attractive knowledge destination for international students, faculty and researchers

Strategic partnership between Egyptian Knowledge Bank and Elsevier marks fourth year of fruitful cooperation. Ten local researchers recognized with Scopus Awards

The RDMLA, a free online professional development program for librarians, information professionals and other professionals, is now available and will provide opportunities for individuals to develop research data management skills

Quality and peer review survey results, created by the science public interest charity Sense about Science and information analytics business Elsevier, published today at the start of International Peer Review Week

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, a new Elsevier report charts global trends in Alzheimer’s research finds amyloid-focused research is still predominant, while focus on behavioral topics including sleep gain momentum