What Elsevier is doing to support employees during the coronavirus pandemic

We recognise that the spread of coronavirus is unsettling for many of our employees, customers and partners around the world. Our employees continue to focus on supporting the medical and science professionals who are attempting to treat, research and create vaccines in the fight against this new virus.

The welfare of our employees, customers and partners remains paramount, and our thoughts continue to be with everyone in all affected regions.

Every day our 8,000 employees work to support the valuable work carried out by researchers, doctors and nurses around the world. To minimise the effects on our employees and the potential to spread the virus, we have implemented a range of measures for our employees in different office locations around the world.

We have stopped all non-essential travel and asked all our employees to follow hygiene and government recommendations, to practice social distancing and self-isolate if feeling unwell and where possible, we encourage our staff to work virtually to stay connected to customers and colleagues.

Elsevier supporting employees during the coronavirus epidemic

Overall, we cannot be prouder of the way our teams are virtually coming together in this moment of crisis to derive swift plans to this serious public health threat. We are incredibly proud and grateful for the efforts our teams are making to ensure the latest science on Coronavirus and COVID-19 is rigorous, peer-reviewed and timely.

From a business perspective, despite the impact of the public health crisis, we continue to make a meaningful contribution to society at large at this challenging time to accelerate the fight against coronavirus. Building on the Elsevier COVID-19 Information Center that we set up at the start of the outbreak, this week we have gone one step further. We are now enabling full text and data mining of this important and growing body of knowledge through channels such as the NIH’s PubMed Central and the WHO database for free and without copyright limitations

The wellbeing of everyone at Elsevier is our collective responsibility, and each of us has an important role to play in protecting ourselves, our families and each other. Thank you for your continued understanding, focus and commitment during these unprecedented times.

We will be monitoring the situation daily.

Working from Home

At Elsevier, our employees’ health, safety, and well-being during this pandemic period are paramount. Although we asked all our employees to work from home, there’s still a strong moral responsibility on our part to ensure that their health and well-being is at the heart of Elsevier's response to the coronavirus pandemic. So, we shared the message shown on the image below with them.

Comments from some of our employees:

“Have never been prouder to work for Elsevier than during the last few weeks. The support shown to me and my colleagues by the company has been wonderful.” – Christopher Tancock, Elsevier, UK.

“Elsevier always care for employees' wellbeing and safety. With all the measures they have put in place for employees during this coronavirus pandemic, I am confident that we’ll successfully manage any challenges we encounter through this tough COVID-19 period. Our efforts as an organization to keep contributing to the scientific community regarding the pandemic and the flexibility afforded to ensure that employees, customers and the communities we serve are safe have increased my confidence level and demonstrated some of the values we add as an organization.” - Jagannathan Varadarajan, Elsevier, Chennai, India

“I thank Elsevier for supporting all our employees and allowing me and others to take some time off work to “Pay it Forward” and help our communities in this desperate time of need for all of us. All we were asked was to follow guidelines to ensure our safety and not break any “shelter-in-place” laws.” – Phylicia Harvey, Elsevier, Philadelphia

“Being part of the Elsevier MindLife team is more important than ever right now for our employees’ wellbeing in these extraordinary times.” – Beck Stockdale, Elsevier, UK.

A 12-month subscription of the Headspace app to all our employees for free

Our people continue to be our strength. Alongside our business priorities, they are also continuing to do an extraordinary amount of work to support each other, our customers and communities with free resources.

As part of our continued focus on our employees' health and wellbeing, Elsevier is proud to announce that we have partnered with Headspace to offer a 12-month subscription of the Headspace app to all our employees for free through the Headspace for Work app.

The app is designed to help reduce stress and increase focus through meditation and mindfulness exercises. It is like a gym membership for the mind, delivered directly to our employees' mobile devices or computers.

Daily 20-minute virtual mindfulness sessions for all employees

The MindLife team at Elsevier has continued to provide support to all our employees all over the world through the provision of global mini webinars during this “stay at home” period focussing on anxiety, resilience, wellbeing while in isolation, healthy management of digital technology in challenging times, nutrition and exercise for body and mind.

Twice a day, we host a 20-minute virtual mindfulness session, attended by over 250 employees per each session.

We continue to support and ask that all our Elsevier employees keep taking care of themselves during this period. We ask them to take things day-by-day, focus on what they can control, and remain positive as we continue to support everyone and each other through this pandemic.