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At Elsevier, we help inspire tomorrow’s great discoveries in research, technology and health. By combining trusted content with analytics and technology, we help clinicians and researchers decide where to focus their efforts, what treatments to provide, or who to collaborate with. We see the contribution our work makes to changing the world around us. We’re looking for intelligent, curious and driven people to be a part of that change.

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elevate_coaching culture at Elsevier

At Elsevier, we’re placing coaching at the heart of everyday conversations to support everyone in realizing their potential. Elevate provides:

  1. an intensive coaching development experience that equips all our people leaders to role model coaching-based leadership with their teams.
  2. involves all employees in a network-based feedback process to help everyone understand their coaching strengths.
  3. offers both live and on-demand coaching skills training development for all colleagues.

As we’ve developed Elevate around internationally recognized coaching standards, it also provides an accreditation foundation for those who wish to progress a coaching career.

Through Elevate, our ambition is to build a culture that engages our colleagues and customers beyond their expectations – one conversation at a time.

Helen Thevenot on coaching at Elsevier

"Elevate has helped me step back and really consider what are my most important goals. The network-based feedback is helping me to be mindful on a weekly basis of not just what I do but how I do my role. I have been reminded of my strengths, how they can fall away when I am busy and how my development areas when not managed undermine my trace. My biggest challenge is balancing holding myself accountable whilst being kind to myself when I don’t get it right."

- Helen Thevenot, HR Director: UK, Ireland, Technology and Product, Elsevier.

Elsevier Rising Tide Internship Program

Elsevier Rising Tide internship Program

Focusing on Elsevier’s commitment to Race and Ethnicity, the Rising Tide Summer Internship Program is a centralized internship program that allows Elsevier to attract and retain diverse minority talent. The program allows the interns to have full experience of Elsevier as an organization and it enables them to be trained in various business areas of their choice.​The interns receive considerably paid internships full-time for 10 weeks. The program is currently US-based for the inaugural pilot which was successful.

Learning course areas are:​

  • Product ​
  • Publishing
  • ​Science Communication
  • ​Technology

We asked Aka’sh Carver from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, one of the interns what attracted him to the internship program. This is what he told us:

“I was very interested in the projects that I knew of at the time such as work with 3D4Medical, learning from an education-based company, and Elsevier’s extensive involvement with scientific research and it motivated me to pursue this internship. I have long had the intent of leveraging my talent globally and in the health or education areas to focus on helping people. Elsevier encompasses everything I am passionate about in software development.”

We also met up with Celina Munoz, Union College 21’, to know what she enjoyed most about the internship.

“I enjoyed how open and welcoming the community accepted me as an intern. Everyone was ready to provide their knowledge and insights and if they couldn't, they were ready to redirect me to someone better suited to help. In addition, as an intern, I did not feel intimidated reaching out on Slack to managers and employees to ask for help or ask questions. This is a testament to Elsevier's inclusive culture and community.” 

Focusing on Elsevier’s commitment to #InclusionandDiversity - the Rising Tide Summer Internship Program is a centralized #internship program

Planning for the next Rising TIDE class of 2022 is underway.  If you are interested in the internship, let us know:

Wellness and Wellbeing at Elsevier

Health'sevier Week

Health'sevier week at Elsevier

At Elsevier, more than ever before, our leadership team and employees are aligned in striving to create a healthy work environment for everyone. We are unified in our efforts to continue to build an environment that is connected, caring, supportive and nurturing. For this reason, we all place our employees’ health and wellbeing at the forefront of our strategic priorities.

We understand the links between work, health and wellbeing, and the role we all need to play in adopting an organizational approach to our employees’ wellbeing. Through our holistic initiatives for wellness and wellbeing, we are always striving to provide our people with a healthier workplace environment that allows them to flourish.

From 11th - 15th Oct, Elsevier is delighted to bring the ‘Health’sevier’ week to employees. This is Elsevier's second global virtual wellbeing event created by our MindLife team to align with World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

This event has been designed with our global population in mind. So, sessions will run through the week and across multiple time zones. A wide range of experts on mental health, mindfulness, self-care, wellbeing, meditation, diversity and role modelling will be delivering sessions alongside Elsevier employees who will share their experiences and expertise through a schedule of peer-to-peer sessions.

To help explore wellbeing from a diverse perspective, we want our people to learn how visualisation can transform their lives, how to be a positive agent of change in the world and dismantle the stigma tied to mental health.

We hope that Health’sevier Week will provide our people with the support, inspiration and tools to prioritise and invest in their mental and physical health.

It's going to be an engaging week for our people.

Happy #WWW2021
For us at Elsevier, wellness is at the core of our mission - to improve the quality of life for our people because healthy employees make happy people.

Well-being isn’t just spoken about at Elsevier, it is part of our culture and it is valued by our leaders.
Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being. In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions. Therefore, for us, everyone needs to achieve optimal wellness to ensure positive interactions.
The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

We provide a variety of classes to help our community achieve their wellness goals. We are working actively to reduce the stigma of mental illness and support our people through wellbeing initiatives like mindfulness, regular exercises, proper nutrition tips and frequent mental health informational webinars plus having Mental Health First Aiders in many of our locations.

We are empowering our people to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. Join in and help us celebrate World Wellness Day.

Elsevier’s Developing Female Talent program

"My team and I designed the Developing Female Talent Program at Elsevier with the goal of empowering, connecting, and advancing women leaders across Elsevier because diverse leadership drives innovation.

The outcome was not only a success in terms of the objectives for the program participants and the business, but for myself as a leader within HR. The program clearly demonstrated how empowering our Talent and creating a networking platform can truly create positive change within organizations.

We’re still very much on the journey, but this has been an inspiring process for everyone involved and has helped us accelerate progress. I am looking forward to continuing the momentum doing even more in this space." -  Amanda Kunevich, VP Talent Development, Human Resources, Elsevier.

As part of the continued focus on achieving and sustaining gender balance in senior leadership roles, Elsevier’s Developing Female Talent program is focused on 3 key areas:

  1. Accelerating gender balance by strengthening the internal talent pipeline for senior leadership roles
  2. Ensuring women from early-mid-career gain the experience, exposure, and education to enable them to succeed, and
  3. Creating a community of peers, sponsors, mentors and role models to share leadership experiences and provide support.

Since the pilot in 2019, nearly 100 women have completed the program, and have reported positive feedback on how it has supported their development and enhanced their readiness to take up senior roles.

We continue to place a strong focus on this area, along with I&D initiatives, which will accelerate progress. We are committed to not only reaching but sustaining gender balance in senior leadership in years to come.

What our people are saying

Sara Valentino Elsevier Diversity and Inclusion

"I love how diverse the workforce is in Elsevier. My colleagues come from a variety of countries and backgrounds. It is rewarding to share and gain knowledge in a stimulating and exciting work environment." - Sara Valentino, Editorial Project Manager, Elsevier.

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Alexander Craig – Tech at Elsevier

"We have the freedom to experiment, the authority to ask questions, empowerment to learn, and an unshakable belief in the purpose of what we do." - Alex Craig, VP, Technology Software, Elsevier.

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Nelly Lukwo – Flex working at Elsevier

"I value work-life balance. Having arrived here from an employer where 50-hour weeks were the norm, Elsevier's flexible culture is so liberating." - Nelly Lukwo, Reporting Lead, Elsevier.

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We’re a fast-paced business turning information into actionable knowledge for the benefit of human-kind. We analyze so that our customers can act. We learn so that others can learn better. We embrace technology so we can help others to innovate. Every day we inspire each other to do more.

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Why join us?

A culture of learning

Learning is at the heart of what we do, as we help people in science, research and healthcare expand their knowledge every day. That extends to a company culture that will help and encourage you to develop new skills and build your expertise.

A commitment to innovation

We’re uncompromisingly curious. We collaborate with and challenge one another. We’re always looking for ways to inspire, innovate and improve.

A sense of purpose

We use technology to inspire breakthrough thinking. To make knowledge accessible so that our customers can turn theory into action and facilitate discoveries that benefit human-kind.

Your qualities

Be curious

Being part of the discovery process suits the naturally curious. Inquisitive minds thrive here. We encourage you to think differently, to explore, discover, and learn every day.

Be challenged

You’ll relish the opportunity to work at pace, analyze data to drive decisions, and go the extra mile to create solutions.

Be involved

What we do here matters. It saves and changes lives. As part of the team, you’ll be integral to driving us forward and helping us succeed.

Build trust

We’re a team. We work towards our shared purpose and mission, not personal agendas. We listen attentively and seek to understand different perspective.

Show leadership

You’re bold and courageous, yet humble, honest and supportive. You’ll be passionate about the development of people and take deep satisfaction in their success.

Understand customers

You’ll demonstrate deep understanding of our customers in every product, service or project decision made and use customer insights to continuously enhance performance excellence.

Our people

Photo of Edith H. Aguilera

“I don't see myself as just a salesperson; I see my work as contributing to really help develop a country.”

Edith H. Aguilera
S&T Account Manager 

Mexico City

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Photo of Kelechi Okere

“For me, Elsevier stands for the advancement of science, but also so much more than that.”

Kelechi Okere
Regional Solution Sales Director 
New York

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Photo of Caroline Jones

“Elsevier understand that my family was important and why they were willing to work around that.”

Caroline Jones
Business Process Project Manager 

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Photo of Ian Evans

“Working at Elsevier puts you right in the centre of the world of science and technology.”

Ian Evans
Editor in Chief 

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Photo of Nelly Lukwo

“I value work-life balance. Having arrived here from an employer where 50-hour weeks were the norm, Elsevier’s flexible culture is so liberating.”

Nelly Lukwo
Reporting Lead 

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Photo of Najamuddin Khan

“What excites me most is that every day it’s a new challenge. It’s a new problem to solve, a new metric to implement or a new data feed to use."

Najamuddin Khan
Consult/Prin SWE 

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