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Greater inclusion and diversity in health, science & research

We are driving inclusion within our organization and throughout our communities in science, research and healthcare.

Multi-ethnic business group

Embracing a more inclusive future

As a global leader in information & analytics, Elsevier is working to enhance diversity and inclusion in research and health across gender, race & ethnicity, and geographical dimensions.

"The research community shapes the future. Let’s work together to create a groundswell of inclusion and progress in the scientific endeavor."

Kumsal Bayazit


Kumsal Bayazit

Chief Executive Officer at Elsevier

For our communities

As a global leader in scientific publishing, research, health information, and data analytics, Elsevier aims to contribute promote and drive inclusion, diversity and equity in research and healthcare through an evidence-based approach, with a coordinated set of actions that are informed by data.

Taking guidance from our Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Board

We are joining forces to eliminate systemic barriers and privileges, to open access to resources and opportunities for people to thrive. 

We are guided by an independent Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Board populated by pre-eminent academics from around the world. The board improves gender, racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion, and geographic representation though initiatives that impact career progression in academia of underrepresented group, and by setting standards and best practices for I&D principles in scientific research

Driving systemic change

By working together to remove systemic obstacles to participation and actively supporting career progression, we can more quickly towards an inclusive research ecosystem .

Our gender reports provide data by discipline and country on how representation of women is evolving; they identify gaps and where there is real progress.

Two engineers examining geological data on a digital screen

Elsevier, including The Lancet and Cell Press, is partnering with the MESSAGE (Medical Science Sex and Gender Equity)opens in new tab/window project, which aims to improve the integration of sex and gender considerations across data collection, analysis and reporting in biomedical, health and healthcare research in the UK.

For our customers

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for the people that use our platforms to do their work. That can mean helping authors factor diversity into the design, analyses and reporting of research studies, to ensuring that our healthcare and nursing platforms reflect the diversity of the people who benefit from them.

Inclusive and accessible platforms

The information across our research and health platforms needs to be accessible — designed to be universally usable so that people with disabilities can consume and contribute to research. We are committed to accessible design, deliberate practice whereby a person with a disability can access a service as fully, equally and independently as a person without a disability.

Libriarian helping student

Driving inclusive research

Driving inclusive research is essential as the future of science requires a robust and diverse workforce drawn from all corners of society. We have embedded the SAGER Guidelinesopens in new tab/window in our editorial guidelines and and working to train the next generation of researchers to consider inclusion at the design stage.

Making healthcare truly inclusive

The foundation of innovation lies with diversity and inclusion. At Elsevier, we have a diverse group of people creating our education and solutions. By reflecting the diversity of our world we ensure that we foster a more equitable healthcare worldwide.

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Transmasculine and transfeminine couple

For our people

We want Elsevier to be a great place to work. We want our people to feel valued and have equal opportunities and benefit from pay equality, regardless of their gender identity, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability status.

"There’s mounting evidence that shows diverse teams drive better progress. And that’s important. But what is more important is to do what’s right. And I think it’s critical that people feel comfortable in their own skin and have equal opportunity to progress in any environment and community. …"

Kumsal Bayazit


Kumsal Bayazit

Chief Executive Officer at Elsevier

Still photo of Asian woman from inclusion diversity video

What matters to you at Elsevier?

Creating a more diverse workforce  

Because we value cultural differences at Elsevier, we have set a course to create a more diverse workforce. Among the key ways we are doing this are:

Developing talent for gender equity program  A 9-month developmental journey to increase gender balance in senior leadership roles 

Unconscious bias training  80% management participation to date 

One of our five dimensions of diversity building disability confidence  Helping managers and all colleagues learn about disability awareness, etiquette, disclosures and accommodations 

Psychological safety  271 team workshops held for 2,585 participants in 2021