Life at Elsevier:
Wael Mansour

locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

“I enjoy working for global, multinational companies because you meet different people, different cultures..."

Photograph of Wael Mansour

What is your Role in Elsevier?

I’m a customer consultant for the research management products in the region of Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia. I’m doing the trainings, support and I am responsible for the renewals of the products. It’s a big region, so we tend to concentrate on specific countries; in Central Asia, Kazakhstan is the main one.

What are some of the main projects you’re working on?

One of my favorite projects is the implementation of Pure in Kazakhstan. It was one of the first implementations I was part of. Then, we have SciVal in Sultan Qaboos University; what I really like about this project is that the president of the university himself attended the training and was very interested in the system. It gives a very good example of leadership and how to encourage the use of these resources in the university.

What does Elsevier stand for?

I am a librarian by profession, and I’ve known Elsevier since my first years of experience as a librarian. Working for Elsevier makes me feel like I contribute to each master or PhD that comes out of my country. We are constantly fostering research and helping universities improve their research. I am working in a region where the improvement of education is crucial for their development. I am really enjoying this role of helping countries and universities. It makes you feel like you’re doing something good for the world. The developing countries have an ambition; they want to proceed fast in scientific research because it’s the most important way to improve the country as a whole.

How has working for Elsevier helped you achieve a positive work-life balance?

I’ve been at Elsevier for nearly two years now. The first year was fully home-based, and since I work in a remote location, that gave me a lot of flexibility. Now we have a new office in Dubai, and I like going to the office. It’s good to go there and meet people, but sometimes I have to travel for two or three weeks and working from home is a nice, flexible way of carrying out my tasks.

What is it like working for a global company?

I really enjoy working for global, multinational companies because you meet different people, different cultures and mentalities. All the colleagues I’ve met so far have been very friendly people, too. In addition, multinational and global companies usually have good systems and good organization compared to local companies.

Do you have a personal life achievement you are particularly proud of?

I am most proud of my family, which I think is the biggest project in my life. I have four children: two sons and two twin girls. One of my sons is about to start university now and work with SciVal, so that makes me particularly proud of him.

What have you learned the most about while working at Elsevier?

I’ve been in the education field for 15 years now, but what I learned the most during my time at Elsevier is about the community of researchers, and how they work with the different products. Although I’ve always worked closely with research, I had mostly focused on software and systems, but now I learned how research is actually being managed within universities, and I work very close with researchers and their projects. I particularly enjoy working with researchers because it makes me feel like I am doing something unique and very important for the development of education.

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