Life at Elsevier:
Nelly Lukwo

locationOxford, England

“I value work-life balance. Having arrived here from an employer where 50-hour weeks were the norm, Elsevier’s flexible culture is so liberating.”

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What do you do at Elsevier and who, ultimately, benefits from your work?

I’ve been with Elsevier for just over two years and my current role is reporting Lead for Global Customer Services, in our Operations department, so I work with our technology partners to curate customer service data. That helps us understand and evaluate what our customers are telling us, so that we can take that feedback and share it with the departments that shape our products and services. The system we use handles approximately 2 million customer queries for Elsevier. My job is to ensure we have comprehensive and accurate reporting for our agents and managers to do their jobs, and me doing my job well means that our customers’ voices are heard throughout the business.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy working with highly skilled and talented colleagues.  There is so much to learn from everyone.

I also love the fact that Elsevier’s stated purpose is to help science and medicine benefit humanity.  For us that means helping institutions, researchers, health professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance. That happens by us applying technology to all this rich content we have, to make it actionable – there’s opportunities in that for people with a wide range of skills, who want to make a difference.

Why you would recommend working at Elsevier to your friends?

I value work-life balance. Elsevier has made several commitments in terms of flexible working and having arrived here from an employer where 50-hour week were the norm, Elsevier’s culture is so liberating.

I also value Elsevier’s charitable efforts, just to name examples I’m aware that all employees are given 2 days each year to give back to a charity of their choice, there’s the Elsevier foundation which supports many causes by contributing about 1 million per year to non-profit organizations and recently Elsevier launched a free interactive education platform to support the United Nation Sustainable Development growth goals.

The business also provides great leadership and opportunities for growth.  At Elsevier, I have certainly been privileged to work for and with great leaders.  It can be argued that motivation is innate, but this can be enhanced by great leadership, which lends itself to opportunities.

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