Jonathan Archer

Graduate - Software Engineer

Learn fast, adapt - and thrive
Jonathan Archer

My role is to develop Components and APIs in an open-source technology stack to greater improve accessibility to Elsevier data, so that it can be used for different applications around the business. This involves meeting with consumers across the business in many different locations, figuring out what it is that they want, and building something that they’ll be happy to use – at the same time learning a huge catalogue of open source and proprietary projects.

To be successful at Elsevier you have to be adaptable. As the work is so project focused, you can find yourself one week being on a completely different technology to the one last week, or learning how to adapt that technology for use with your current one, so you need to learn fast! Finally, always be willing to be part of the team; no developer is an island, and it’s absolutely essential to function well together, for not only your development, but that of the team.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and building video games (knowing the enterprise tricks-of-the-trade from my day-job can be quite a boon, and I have a far more professional method of programming as a result). Also, (as I live in Oxford) I love to cycle everywhere.

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