Life at Elsevier:
Ian Evans

locationOxford, England

“Working at Elsevier puts you right in the centre of the world of science and technology.”

Photograph of Ian Evans

What’s your role in helping the company achieve its goals?

My job title is Communications Business Partner and also Editor in Chief of Inside Elsevier, our internal news platform. Essentially, my work involves sharing information around the business: helping departments communicate effectively with one another, raising the profile of specific projects, as well telling the story of the overall business strategy and how employees contribute to it.

What does Elsevier, as a company, mean to you?

Intelligence, in the context of information, is the word I want to use when I think of what Elsevier stands for. We stand for gathering intelligence, giving answers, giving advice. We’re responsible for providing actionable direction to professionals within a fast-paced, challenging academic publishing industry.

How do you balance your career with life outside work?

A flexible working schedule is a big deal for me. I start and end work earlier, meaning I see my kids every evening, put them to bed, read to them, which is really important to me. Occasionally working from home means I can attend to the important milestones in my family’s life, like being able see my daughter sing at her school assembly a few months back. Without the flexibility that working at Elsevier affords, I’d miss out on that kind of thing.

What appeals to you most about working for Elsevier?

It’s the variety of work that you get involved in. My background is in English literature, and I never studied technology, but working at Elsevier puts you right in the centre of the world of science and technology. You see world-class researchers working on exciting projects, you get to speak to technologists building incredible things. Before I started at the company, I had no idea that Elsevier has such a presence in so many different markets.

Is there a motto or philosophy that sums up your approach to life?

I don’t have a personal motto, but in terms of a personal philosophy, I’m a believer in understanding the value of what you have in front of you. That is to say, I make an effort to try not to forget the good that is around me and be appreciative of what I’ve got.

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