Findlay Hannam

Graduate - Software Engineer

A friendly atmosphere where a passion for technology and sharing knowledge is rewarded
Findlay Hannam

I’m a front-end developer for based in London, meaning I work on the user interface, as opposed to the back-end processes. The original ScienceDirect platform is written using C, but the focus at the moment is migrating it over to newer technologies. In my case, this means re-writing the UI in React.

The most important thing as an employee of Elsevier is to have a passion for technology. There are lots of opportunities for training and Elsevier places a huge emphasis on sharing knowledge through the company. It’s a really friendly atmosphere, and you can really boost your success by not being afraid to ask questions.  We work hard all week, and each day includes a daily stand-up, then working on tickets with pair programming and code reviews. Then on a Friday, we have a dedicated knowledge share session with beer/wine/Pimms and a selection of soft drinks.

Challenges are varied but I enjoy investigating bugs, I find those to be the most puzzling tickets and they really help me understand the code I’m working on.

Out of work, I’m a big fan of Jiu-Jitsu, and I game whenever I have the time – usually open-world RPGs.

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