Life at Elsevier:
Fernanda Gusmão

locationRio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I think it’s the diversity and the flexibility. Not only the diversity of people.  I think people here…”

Photograph of Fernanda Gusmão

What’s your role in helping the company achieve its goals?

I’m an account manager in Latin America. I’m responsible for the corporate accounts in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

What does Elsevier as a brand mean to you?

To me, Elsevier is an established giant that’s reinventing itself as cool and high-tech to really compete with some of the top leading technology companies, which I think is really what excites me the most about being at Elsevier. I really think the company is going in the right direction and making the right investments. When I think about our competition, I think we’re the most exciting company to be with, just because of the way we’re moving. We’re leading this process of becoming more technology-based.

Why do you think your work at Elsevier is important?

It’s important because we’re supporting innovation. We’re supporting people who are really creative, and they really can add a lot of value to society and to the world in general. Because I work with the corporate market, this is even more tangible. Sometimes it’s difficult to see how research is going to turn into something that’s going to change our daily lives, but in the corporate segment you can really see where the research is going to go. I find it really exciting when I talk to some of my clients and I get to know the researchers, and they get really excited talking about their new projects and new discoveries. We’re really supporting innovation in the world that we’re living in now. It’s key for us even to survive, given challenges like climate change.

How has working at Elsevier helped you achieve a positive work-life balance?

It has helped me because it’s a flexible work schedule; there’s a lot of flexibility for you to work from home. In my previous company, I didn’t have so much flexibility, and there was much more pressure to be in the office from nine to five. Here I don’t feel there’s that pressure, and I think that’s a great thing.

What is the best part about working for Elsevier?

I think it’s the diversity and the flexibility. Not only the diversity of people — I think people here are definitely one of the best assets of the company — but also the diversity of products we have and the diversity of clients we deal with.

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