Life at Elsevier:
Caroline Jones

locationOxford, England

“Elsevier understood that my family was important and they were more than willing to work around that.”

Photograph of Caroline Jones

What’s your role in helping the company achieve its goals?

I’m a Global Book Production Supplier and Independent Contractor Coordinator. I engage with the freelance copyeditors, proof readers, and indexers and act as a bridge between Production and Global Supplier Management. I love what I do. There’s a lot of variety in my day-to-day: various interesting projects that I’ve worked on over the years include creating a new global copyediting specification for book production as well as contributing to database development, for example.

What does Elsevier, as a company, mean to you?

To me, Elsevier stands for quality, accurate information. What we deliver as a company aids continuous advancements in medicine, health and technology. We’re at a pivotal point in getting that information to the practitioners that really need it, in a way that’s critical, timely and relevant.

How do you balance your career with life outside work?

Working at Elsevier has been instrumental in helping me achieve a positive work-life balance. My son was eight months old when I first started working here. Back then, I worked from 9:00a.m. until 3:00p.m. in the office, which allowed me to both drop off and pick him up from school. I never had to miss sports days because I could always work around it and make the extra hours up in the evenings; this was hugely beneficial both to myself and to the company. I had the best of everything: I got to work full time, earn a full-time wage and be a full-time mother all at the same time.

What appeals to you most about working for Elsevier?

From the time of my interview, everyone here understood what was important to me. They understood that my family was important and they were more than willing to work around that. They offered me hours which were completely suitable to my life, the free onsite car parking made it easy to come and go on a tight schedule, the benefits packages are fantastic and they really do invest in their people. What’s great as well is the training that’s available to help me develop myself professionally. It’s really been a great journey.

Is there a motto or philosophy that sums up your approach to life?

For me, it’s all about keeping a balanced lifestyle. Work is such a significant part of your life so you do need to enjoy it, but my home life with my son and family is also hugely essential to my happiness and well-being. It’s also about perspective: a negative interaction with a client or colleague may be completely unrelated to anything you’ve done. So keeping that in mind, I say: just smile! And then have some coffee. Lots of coffee.

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