Life at Elsevier:
Alicia So-So

locationOxford (Kidlington), England

“I like working for a global company that gives you the opportunity to move around, see different places…”

Photograph of Alicia So-So

What do you do at Elsevier?

I’m employed as an Exhibition coordinator and I have been in the position for almost 6 years; my department is responsible for managing Elsevier’s presence at more than 500 hundreds worldwide exhibitions annually. This could entail organizing society booths, delivery of journals, working with marketing to produce materials for exhibitions, designing and coordinating the efforts of all business units and stakeholders that represent the company, in one place. Last year we coordinated 540 exhibitions, but they are shared among our team members and I currently manage 52.

What does Elsevier stand for and why is Elsevier important to you?

It’s good to know that Elsevier represents change and advancement, the simple fact that it enhances the performance of health and technology professionals, to deliver a better service, to make ground-breaking decisions and discoveries. It’s good to know that you work for a company that makes change and aims to make the difference.

What’s your favourite memory at Elsevier?

A lot of what we do is computer-based, and I’ve worked in the past with a team of eleven people that I’ve never actually met. Last year I went to the Amsterdam office I met my team in person for the very first time, after 4 years of phone calls and WebEx meetings. It was so different to see them face to face after years we have been working together remotely.

Do you have a personal achievement you’re particularly proud of?

I proudly volunteer for the only worldwide cancer support charity “look good feel better”. I volunteered for free self-help skin care and make-up workshops, since I’m also a qualified beautician and make-up artist. Elsevier also supports charitable activities; the RE cares days give employees two payed days to support charity in their local community. I’ve used these days for the charity workshops I am supporting/volunteering for. There are 138 thousand patients attending the two-hours workshops and each of them receives a package with products from more than 50 brands, a goodie bag to recreate their looks at home. We help them learn how to recreate themselves and feel rejuvenated after intense treatments such as chemotherapy.

Why did you choose to work for Elsevier, what drew you to the company?

I really appreciate the company’s values, working towards change, medical and scientific advancement. But I also like working for a global company that gives you the opportunity to move around, see different places, meet different people and experience various cultures.

Do you have any life philosophy or personal motto you stand by?

Yes, I have a life philosophy. For me, success is seen in people who have lived well, laughed often and loved much. It’s not really a work-related motto but I think it applies to everyday life.

How has working at Elsevier helped you achieve a good work-life balance?

This is really important to me because I’ve experienced a life change and recently became a mother. I’m a full time working mother and the fact that Elsevier allows flexible hours means that I’m able to continue carrying out my role. Early starts or late finishes and even working from home enable employees to find a suitable approach to fulfil their tasks. This is key to my happiness and the success of being able to complete my role.

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