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SciVal is continually evolving, improving and being updated to suit your changing needs. We want to keep you informed of all the exciting and innovative features and functions which we are in the process of developing. We continue to invest in the platform, add new metrics, functionality and data types to help meet the reporting requirements of senior management, research administrators, researchers, government & funding agencies.

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*As with all Roadmaps it is an outline of future plans, and thus features and timings may change.

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Roadmap 2020.

We will be adding new features and functionality, as well as making updates and improvements to existing functionality throughout 2020. Please see below for an overview of our latest plans for 2020 in our roadmap.

Exciting Developments

Q2 2020

  • Perform analyses around the authorship on publications, for example how often researchers were the first, last and/or corresponding author on their research output
  • Share user-defined report templates and edit a report
  • Analyze the collaboration within a pre-defined Institution Group
  • New visualisations – see the mapping of related Topics to Topic Clusters and watch Topics develop over time with a time series analysis

Later in 2020

  • Find potential collaborators via Topics you have in common
  • More in-depth analyses for the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Improved user on-boarding experience, with additional help and guidance
  • Support for University Systems: Improved profile setup of University Systems and see the collaboration of a System with other Institutions
  • Topic Prominence in Science: Funding per Topic
  • Enjoy a growing catalogue of institutional profiles for your analysis