SciVal Roadmap

SciVal is continually evolving, improving and being updated to suit your changing needs. We want to keep you informed of all the exciting and innovative features and functions which we are in the process of developing.  We continue to invest in the platform, add new metrics, functionality and data types to help meet the reporting requirements of senior management, research administrators, researchers, government & funding agencies.

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*As with all Roadmaps it is an outline of future plans, and thus features and timings may change.

Exciting developments in SciVal


Exciting Developments

There have been many new and exciting developments in SciVal throughout this year and 2017 will be no different! We have many exciting releases coming your way shortly including:

Q1 2017

  • Editing PRS structures
  • Mass Media Mentions update: show underlying titles
  • Increase export thresholds inside SciVal from Scopus

Q2 2017

  • SciVal metrics API
  • More funding bodies added to SciVal (ongoing)
  • Add subject classifications from ranking organizations
  • Support journal-to-subject classification schemes
  • Evaluate research performance in books

Q3 2017

  • “Hot and cold areas in science”
  • Article level metrics to BOS (Big Data Operating System)

Q4 2017

  • Identify researchers for recruitment and/or collaboration purposes
  • Recruitment use case: Top authors in Overview based on Citations received, h-index and FWCI
  • SciVal usage reporting for customers in E-PIC
  • Improved visual interoperability with Scopus

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