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SciVal is continually evolving, improving and being updated to suit your changing needs. We want to keep you informed of all the exciting and innovative features and functions which we are in the process of developing.  We continue to invest in the platform, add new metrics, functionality and data types to help meet the reporting requirements of senior management, research administrators, researchers, government & funding agencies.

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*As with all Roadmaps it is an outline of future plans, and thus features and timings may change.

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Roadmap 2019.

Exciting Developments

We will be updating the platform, as well as making updates and upgrades to existing functionalities. For the latest developments, and an overview of the plans for the next year see our jam-packed roadmap!

Q1 2019

  • Topic Prominence in Science
    • Higher level of aggregation will be available - we are currently working on the exact level of aggregation
    • New Topics - see which Topics have recently been created, breaking off from existing Topics
  • We will be improving the Researcher on boarding experience
  • Overall redesign of data visualizations across all modules
  • Update to Collaboration module. Author modal for collaboration metrics for researchers
  • New Reporting templates. Example templates that can be used to help guide you concerning which metrics to use in different situations.
  • Create reports using data from the Trends module. 

Q2 2019

  • Metrics wizard: Introducing metrics into SciVal
  • Option to filter on the first and corresponding author in Scholarly Output, to see where your Researchers are having the greatest impact

Later in 2019

  • Topic Prominence in Science
    • & discovering & exploring various funding opportunities
    • Topics for Publication Sets
  • Introducing researcher/faculty-level use cases in Collaboration
  • Advanced flow to create Research Areas
  • SciVal Metrics Exchange pilot
  • Select PlumX Metrics added to SciVal
  • University Systems supported as new Entity type
  • There will be greater flexibility in the year-ranges in the Overview, Collaboration and Trends modules
  • Enhanced SciVal administrator capabilities - see who else is using SciVal at your institution
  • See who has cited your Institution and your individual Researchers: Cited-by metrics in the Overview module