SciVal Roadmap

SciVal is continually evolving, improving and being updated to suit your changing needs. We want to keep you informed of all the exciting and innovative features and functions which we are in the process of developing.  We continue to invest in the platform, add new metrics, functionality and data types to help meet the reporting requirements of senior management, research administrators, researchers, government & funding agencies.

See what’s on the road for SciVal!

*As with all Roadmaps it is an outline of future plans, and thus features and timings may change.

Roadmap 2018 & Beyond!

Exciting Developments

We will be updating the platform, as well as making updates and upgrades to existing functionalities. For the latest developments, and an overview of the plans for the new year see our jam-packed roadmap!

Q1 2018

  • You can now access the predefined Groups of Institutions in the Collaboration module, to analyze your current or potential collaborators
  • Option to exclude hyper-authored papers in the Collaboration module

Q2 2018

  • Topic Prominence in Science updates and developments:
    • Higher level of aggregation now available
    • Will be available for Groups of Institutions
    • See which Topics your institution is the most active and prolific in – where are you a key player?
  • Evaluate researchers filtered by articles published at their affiliated (home) institution
  • SciVal API update: Following on from our earlier release we will be supporting Publication Sets and Groups of Researchers
  • Push your organizational hierarchical structures developed in Pure, into SciVal
  • Major enhancements to the Reporting functionality
  • We will be providing additional subject classifications from rankings organizations (inc. THE, QS and KAKEN)

Q3 2018

  • Topic Prominence in Science
    • Which Topics are related to mine? See high-momentum Topics in similar research areas to yours
  • Look out for major improvements made to the Collaboration module
  • Diacritic support for institution names - you'll be able to see name variants when searching for institutions

Q4 2018

  • SciVal Metrics Exchange (pilot)


  • Topic Prominence in Science
    • & discovering & exploring various funding opportunities
  • Overhaul of the Trends Module
  • Media Mentions relating to individual Researchers will be available
  • There will be greater flexibility in the year-ranges in the Overview, Collaboration and Trends modules
  • SciVal Lite! We will be looking at developing a mobile/tablet-friendly version
  • Enhanced SciVal administrator capabilities
  • See who has cited your Institution and your individual Researchers: Cited-by metrics in the Overview module 
  • Create a Research Area based on a fingerprint from publications
  • First and corresponding author as options in Scholarly Output