Introducing SciVal’s new reporting functionality!

Create personalized, tailored reports in no time at all.

Jan 2017

With our new reporting functionality we are able to save you even more time by allowing you to create and save reports, tailored to your specific needs. The turnaround time in which you receive your data for your self-defined entities has been sped up from 48 to just 6 hours. We have also refreshed the look and feel of the SciVal platform to give you a more consistent experience as you navigate between SciVal, Scopus and other Elsevier platforms.

  • Reporting – Save your favorite, recurring reports and access them quickly at any time
  • Enhanced SciVal design & layout – Improved interoperability between SciVal and other Elsevier platforms
  • Faster Processing of self-defined entities – Reducing processing time from 48 hours to just 6!


We’re excited to present you with the functionality for SciVal, which allows you to set up and generate customized reports on a recurring basis.

You are often spending time creating the same reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Now you are able to save your most utilized reports in SciVal to export and share whenever you need it.

Save Precious Time!

  • You can set up reports which are specifically customized to reflect your institute’s specific objectives
  • Reports are quick and easy to export and share with your external stakeholders
  • Save and re-run periodic reports, which allows you to create a snapshot of you institute and compare it over time


Reports 2017

Improved SciVal Layout & Design

The layout and design of SciVal has been updated to improve interoperability with Scopus and other Elsevier products, providing you with a smoother experience as you move from one platform to another.

You will still have access all the same functionalities, reports and tabs as you did before, however the new layout provides you with a more aesthetically pleasing, cleaner design which offers a smother user experience.

In a recent survey 86% of SciVal users agreed or strongly agreed that SciVal’s interface was intuitive and easy to use.

Whether accessing SciVal at your office on your laptop or computer, or on the run, via your mobile or tablet, the new responsive, interface will adapt to your specific needs.


Access your Results, Faster!

We know that you sometimes need to access data for those last-minute presentations, reports and institution comparisons. Previously you had to wait the obligatory 24-48 hours for self-defined entities, with 5,000+ results to compute – this has now been reduced to just 6 hours, and we are looking to reduce that even further in the future!

We listened to your feedback and it is now much faster to re-run your previous search strings, providing you with greater flexibility and allowing you to react to those time sensitive requests. As the improved processing time is quite new, it is subject to testing and maintenance work.