Analyze the socio-economic impact of your research with our Mass Media Mentions functionality

Nov 2016

In November, based upon the feedback which you have given us, we have added several new functionalities to SciVal. Via the new Awarded Grants functionality allows you to see which institutes have been awarded funding, from which funding bodies and pertaining to which specific subject areas. In this initial release it will only be available for institutions. Furthermore Mass Media Mentions you are now able to analyze your institute, and compare the socio-economic impact of your research with that of other research organizations in your own country.

New improvements coming to you this month:

  • Mass Media Mentions – See how often your intuition’s research is being covered by the media
  • Awards Funding – See which institutes are getting what funding and from which funding bodies

Analyze Awarded Grants

You are now able to see which grants were awarded to your institution, and by which funding bodies. You can also compare the distribution of funding across subject areas, assisting you in identifying potential collaborative research partners which have been successful at attracting funding to their work. It provides another means of benchmarking your institute’s performance with regards to attracting and securing funding in different portfolios.

Initially we will have data from a selection of funding bodies of research intensive countries >> 12 funding bodies form US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Funding Awarded

Fig 1. Value of awarded grants at institute (2011-2015)

Awards Volume

Fig. 2 Number of grants awarded grants (2011-2015)

Awards Volume 2

Mass Media Mentions

Measure the socio-economic impact of your institute’s work by analysing how often your research is being covered. The more widely your research is being cited and the more prolific the media coverage, the greater visibility it gives to researchers and subsequently your institute. The data is drawn from 45,000 sources, including 39,000 online sources and 6,000 print sources, and will provide the following metrics:

  • Mass media shows the aggregate number of mentions
  • Media exposure gives a weighting to the various media sources depending on their reputation and international renown
  • Field-weighted mass media provides a similar weighting methodology as for FWCI

The mass media mention functionality will support the traditional metrics such as citations and scholarly output, providing a more in-depth, richer analysis of the societal impact of your work. For now we will only be releasing this on an institutional level

Mass Media

Mass Media Mention

Next Release: Coming in January 2017

We listened to your feedback, and we want to save you even more time! Our next major release will take place in January when we introduce Reports which allows you to quickly refresh and access your ‘favorite reports’, that you have to collect on a regular basis. We will also be revealing the new layout and design of the SciVal platform. Stay tuned for more details!