Creating snapshots and generating Reports for year-on-year comparison

The Reporting functionality has seen many updates since it was first launched in January 2017. In order to keep you informed of the latest changes and updates, we have created a Reporting Roadmap allowing you to see what has been released, what is coming up shortly, and what will be relesaed later in the year, and into 2019.

Based upon your feedback we have made several updates to ensure ease of use. In order to simplifying how you create, update and merge your Reports and Analyses, we have/will be making the following updates:

  • Drag and drop Analyses into Report
  • Drag Analyses to reorder them (however you can no longer do this in the Report “View” section)
  • Clicking the chevron to see details of the Analysis
  • Merging of the Analyses and Reports into one Library
  • View what you need! Toggles show hierarchy, analyses or reports only. Making it easier to find specific Reports, faster
  • Use current assets as a template, meaning that you can copy a particular Analysis or Report, saving time when creating a new asset
  • Create super-reports/folders, allowing you to merge content together
  • Sort by date or name of Analysis or Report
  • Increase the number of Analyses which can be added to a particular Report
  • Add analyses from the Overview module

Fig 1. We have now merged the Analyses and Report libraries for ease of use

Fig 2. Expand you Reports to the see the included year range, metrics, entities etc. of the included Analyses

Coming Soon!

  • Optimize the layout of your Report, by removing/reducing white space
  • Add analyses from the Collaboration and Trends modules

Coming Later.

  • Metrics guidance: How to combine various metrics together to create Analyses and Reports specifically tailored to your needs
  • Ability to set customized updating frequency for the Reports (and with the possibility to create alerts)
  • Reporting Wizard! You will no longer have to go back and forth between the Reporting section and other modules, you can simply create the Analyses there.
  • Export Reports in other formats, such as PowerPoint and Word

Learn more via our video tutorial

We can help you save a snapshot of your current research performance, for future comparisons via our webinar, “SciVal Reporting: Simple, time-saving tips & tricks”.