Einstein Release: Export researchers and groups of researchers in MySciVal.

June 2017

We are excited to introduce our new interactive, guided tours, to improve your experience with SciVal. Whether you are new to SciVal or use it to create reports and analyses on a weekly, or more regular basis, you can take advantage of the helpful guided tours, in each module with useful tips & tricks. You can easily enable/disable the functionality and we hope that it will enhance your overall experience.

Other release updates and developments include:

  • Admins can now effortlessly share their departmental structures in SciVal with the entire institution.
  • You are now able to easily export researchers and groups of researchers in MySciVal.
  • We have added a 'Need help' widget to the SciVal homepage that can be personalized for your institution by your Elsevier Sales representative.
  • Drag and drop analyses within the Reporting section, to quickly add/remove/reorder analyses in a report rather than recreating it from scratch.

Reporting: Drag & Drop your Analyses

Now you can easily add, remove or reorder analyses within the Analyses Library via the new ‘drag & drop’ functionality, prior to adding them to the Reports Library. Previously you were only able to move the sections around within the newly created Report, however you can now easily reorder the individual analyses within the Reports Library.

Export Researchers & Groups of Researchers from MySciVal

We are always looking for ways in which to save you time, therefore we have improved the export functionality in MySciVal allowing you to export researchers and groups of researchers.

PRS (Profile Refinement Service) Update: Editing Hierarchies

For those of you who are using Elsevier’s Profile Refinement Service, you will now have greater flexibility concerning building your institutional structures. Administrative user will be able to edit groups and departments, as well as add and remove single researchers.

As part of the update, you will also be able to share the newly created institutional structures with other SciVal users within your organization.

The next release is due August 2017 and will allow you to access the underlying data of the mass media mentions, sharing reports within your institution and improvements to the left pane navigation.

More details are available on the roadmap page.