Option to exclude hyper-authored papers for more accurate collaboration analysis.

Further updates to Topic Prominence in Science, mass media mentions and more

  • Manage your tags in MySciVal. You can edit and merge existing tags, as well as see an overview of all the tags you have assigned.
  • Topic Prominence in Science update. What are the most prominent Topic globally? And you can now filter Topics by ASJC subject classifications
  • Exclude hyper-authored papers. You have option to exclude papers with multiple authors, based on 10, 50 or 100 authors
  • Save time by performing batch imports of Researchers using ORCIDs
  • You are now able to export the underlying data sources for your institution’s mass media mentions

Manage tags in MySciVal

Previously it was only possible to add or remove tags, which had been assigned, in MySciVal. Via a new tab in MySciVal you now have a full overview of all the tags which you have assigned, and can edit and/or merge them with other tags.

Globally prominent Topics and ASJC filtering

You are now able to get a global overview of the most prominent Topics globally by filtering on ‘World’ under Countries & Groups.

It will also be possible to filter Topics on ASJC subject categories. The filter works slightly differently than in other areas of SciVal. Rather than filter the output of the institution or country, we are filtering the Topics. Topics can appear in multiple Subject Areas. All the Topics that appear when filtered have at least one output assigned to the selected Subject Area, but that output might not have been published by the institution (or country) you are viewing. The selected entity is however active in all these Topics.

For example: looking at the scholarly output for Athena University, in Medicine, they have 123 papers. However Researchers have contributed to 1,387 Topics between 2012 to 2017, that fall within Medicine.

Batch import of Researchers using ORCIDs

Based upon your feedback you are now able to save considerable time by being able to import multiple Researchers, in one batch based upon their ORCID. The capability will be added as a field on the import spreadsheet and paste ID panel.

Mass media mentions: Export underlying data sources

The underlying data sources are now available for your institution’s mass media mentions. Now you can also export the sources as a CSV file, to further interrogate and analyze the data.

Option to exclude hyper-authored papers

Hyper-authored papers can skew the analysis, particularly when looking at the collaboration activity among institutions, as you do not usually consider a paper with hundreds of authors, as a real collaboration. You are now able to select your own limit of 10, 50 or 100 on any list of publications in SciVal to eliminate these papers.