Fibonacci Release: You can now share and collaborate on Reports within your Institution

August 2017

Best known for introducing the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, Leonardo Fibonacci alsopopularized the Hindu–Arabic numeral system in the Western World.  Characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones, so too do SciVal’s release elements build upon preceding releases:

  • We have updated the left-bar navigation panel
  • You are now able to share and work collaboratively on Reports with your institution
  • We have now added more virtual tours to help you make the most out of SciVal

Left-Bar Navigation Redesign

Following extensive customer testing and feedback, Anne-Sophie Muller and the UX team have been working tirelessly on improving the left-bar navigation design. Our customers will now be able to perform a search for an entity (Institution, Group, Researcher etc.)  or select them from a drop-down menu, and drag them across to the selection panel.

Fig. 1 Open the Advanced search functionality

Fig. 2 Drag and drop the desired entity into the left-bar selection panel

Sharing Reports within your Institution

We know that you, our customers, are using the Reporting functionality to create and export your custom Reports. Based upon your feedback, we are now making it possible for you to share these Reports with other SciVal users within your Institution.

Now it is much easier for you and your colleagues to work together, collaboratively on creating your recurring institutional Reports. You can choose the following Sharing Rights:

Can View sharing rights

  • Can share with Can View right
  • Can export
  • Can save snapshots
  • Can delete analyses
  • Can’t edit the Report itself nor analyses inside

Can Edit sharing rights

  • Can share with Can View or Can Edit rights
  • Can export, save snapshots and delete analyses
  • Can edit Report and reorder analyses
  • Can’t edit analyses inside shared Report

Fig. 3 You can now invite people to work on your Reports with you. You may choose to give the recipients ‘edit’ or ‘view’ rights.

Fig. 4 Those with editing rights will be able to reorder the Analyses and their descriptors. They will not be able to edit the individual Analyses.

More Pendo Guides Available

Have you tried one of the existing guides within SciVal? They are great for learning new tips & tricks and to ensure that you are getting the most out of SciVal. You can now take a virtual tour of the Collaboration and Trends modules (virtual tours are already available for the Overview and Benchmarking modules).